Macbook Air 2020 with M1 chip - Awesome performance!

I am super impressed by the new Macbook Air 2020 with M1 chip. Bought the baseline model yesterday and put it into its pace…wow everything from loading of web pages, watching Youtube and Netflix at 4K HDR are buttery-smooth. Uploaded a 4K HDR video shot using my iPhone 12 Pro Max and uploaded it to YouTube is extremely fast! This is something I have never ever witness in a fanless Intel Core i3 model circa the same year. For those on the fence and in need to get a Macbook Air/Pro, I will say go for it UNLESS you need those x386-based applications like Adobe Photoshop CS for editing, otherwise all should be fine. I can’t imagine how powerful this M1 silicon (SoC) chipset is until now. The battery life is insane to top it all up…

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I’m on the fence for a macmini m1 myself

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I know you will be interested. Review so far seems positive. The performance seem to even beat a fully spec’ed out Macbook Pro 16" of last year on some aspects. But if you are not a creative designer that need to use third party s/w like Adobe Photoshop and Premiere (for now), then I think a Mac Mini with M1 is a no brainier imo.

I might hold out for the M2 early next year hopefully, as have a few other toys need to get like my XMC2 first

Here is a handy site for those with the M1

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It appears that the new M1 Macbook series have some bluetooth connectivity issue. But then again, bluetooth connectivity for the MacBook Air which I had used in the past also didn’t play nice with bluetooth mouse. As I’m not using my MacBook Air for video editing, the built-in trackpad which is the best trackpad in its class, suffice.

So far Rosetta 2 emulator is quite stable for most apps like Photoshop that I’m currently using.

I have to hold off for now on M1 kit as I just used my 40% off card at Emotiva for an XMC-2 :wink:

Well I got the new 8gb macmini M1 512g model…Bluetooth stability issues for KMT so I’m back to my mbp. Also my own 8tb ssd external tb3 drive where I keep backups and some symlinked folders like photos, documents, downloads, movies etc can’t be accessed so having to work around that with some other hardware in order. It is fast tho but 8gb just not enough for my hungry roon server as dipping into ssd swap file space, so 16tb is a must use here I think.

Roon Upsampling flac to DSD512 I get 3x performance where my intel i7-7700 I get just under 2x

This seems to plague the M1 series…quite prevalent.

its the choice of the (brand/make) of the wifi card which incorporates bluetooth as one chip…
looks like Apple has blundered on its choice.

I’ll be sending mine back next week as the HDMI hidef audio limitations are not sorted and the BT issues bug me…16GB model is really best option too and I only got 8…will await M2 or M1X or whatever in the future I think.

very interesting YT vid

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