M&K X15+ THX Subwoofer

After Perlisten, here’s another gigantic subwoofer that is also THX Dominus certified. See the trend? Seems like subwoofer is getting bigger and by big, literally going BIG!


No space for this lol

Hope they can come up w a compact one like JL

I will rather get 2 medium sized subwoofers to get multi-sub implementation than one gigantic subwoofer like this new M&K X15+…It’s simply a chore to move and also hard to place the subwoofer in the desired location. Unless you have a big-ass media room, this is definitely cause a rift with your spouse.

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Haven’t been able to move my SVS PB12+/2 for the last 17 years as it’s 75kg. I just bought 6 isolation feet for it so will need one or two strong people to help me screw them in

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Just realised there is actually a thread for the MK subs here