Lip-sync Problem

Hi, I have lip-sync problem whereby the audio is earlier than the picture. It happens to my blu ray player and AppleTV 4K when using streaming app like Netflix and Disney+. Not so noticeable when watching discs.

No matter how I set the delay in my AVR, it seems not right.

Is there any test video to calibrate the delay? Or how should I correct this problem? Actually I had this problem for some time and would like to correct this now.

Would appreciate any advice given. Thanks.

It will be helpful if you also advise on your setup and equipment.

If you are able to, try connecting the devices, e.g Apple TV, directly to the TV and see whether lip sync issues remains.


Interestingly, your AVR might be the biggest culprit here and you didn’t even mention in your post. Anyhow If you are using a Denon and Marantz (by any chance), then go to audio setting to turn off Audio Lip sync option. Yes that is correct, turn it off rather than “on” (by default). It does help.

In addition, I believe Apple TV 4K streaming box has a audio/video sync feature you can try as well.

I’m using a Marantz SR 6014. I turned off the AV Sync and it looks like problem solved. Oh man, I have turned it on since Day 1…

Is there any way video, etc that I can use to make sure that the video and audio are in sync?

Thanks guys. Your experience is a great help to newcomers like me.

No. You do not need to meddle with equipment-based audio/lip-syn feature.

That’s a good question.

This lip sync issues are mostly present with the ATV4K device. On the main screen, use SDR4k 50hz, don’t use SDR 4k 23.97hz. when u use that, youtube audio video will be out of sync, if match frame rate is set to on .

I have this problem last time, with the old ATV. Enter the Xbox series X, everything locked down to 60hz and the problem went away.

However, Apple has this wireless audio sync feature to fix this problem

Go to audio settings and choose wireless audio sync, then use your iPhone, a pop up window will appear on your HP.

The ATV4K will play some test tones and your mobile phone will work as a microphone to calibrate the audio to sync to video. That’s it as above.

It should all work nicely.

Initially I thought it was the HD fury vertex 2 causing the delay, later I found out that latency is in the nano second range on the HD fury. So it’s nothing to do with that

Most often , If sound is ahead, then display is doing lot of processing, if video is ahead, then AVR is doing lot of processing.

In my case, sound was ahead, so it was display was either doing a lot of processing or mismatch frame rate issues. The problem at my place WS evident with YouTube content.Changing the settings from SDR 23.97hz to 50hz solved it

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