Kojo Crystal EP aka Kojo Bullet or Ji Dan

Another award winning accessory apart from the passive horn radiator is the Kojo Crystal EP aka Kojo bullet aka Ji Dan as the Hongkies call it

I’m surprised it didn’t receive much attention in the forum here. It is well known stuff and highly effective product.

I’ve tried the “Aucharm” groundbox in the past

I’ve a couple of them and I’ve tried it at source, amplifier, speakers , media players, Oppo, it has no impact at all. 0 impact. I recently sold all of it at carousell, it didn’t help in my set up. Maybe it works in other set up, not sure. For me, does absolutely nothing at all.

Enter the Kojo…….

Now the Kojo is an entirely different grounding product. I tried at first slotting straight to the negative terminal on the speaker

The “Kojo” wording facing upwards and slot in 3/4 as per the pics above.

The experience was significant, I still couldn’t believe I was experiencing further improvements to sound. Sound was a lot clearer and layers to sound were very precise. It felt so good you don’t want to remove it from the speakers .

The next thing you know…… i got 10 of it !! I took advantage of the special pre order pricing and placed my order through sky audio.

By the way, Sky audio is extremely poisonous :skull_and_crossbones:. First I was poisoned by their divini cables, then the horn resonator and now the Kojo bullets. So so good with all the products I have zero desire to upgrade the speakers!

I then slot in one piece each to the speaker power amplifiers of all my subwoofers

First impression, wow!! So so nice the bass has Rhythm to it… I was shocked I could experience a nice bass with rhythm to it. I took it out and that rhythm was gone !

I now have 4 pieces 1 each for all the subwoofers. So syok the bass experience , no regrets. The impact was very obvious don’t need to A B or do any blind test or whatsoever

Next i tried it on the Oppo 205 GND terminal

Sadly, I couldn’t tell the difference with and without. I could not hear any benefits there. So I removed it. I also tried it on the 5 channel Ati amplifier like below:

Again no benefit with this approach

Then I tried slot in to the anthem AVM90, but here, I get a slight improvement to sound quality. But it wasn’t as significant plugging it on the negative terminal of the speakers. So I now have this on all 5 channel speakers, 4 on the subs and 1 on anthem processor. 10!!!

Is it worth it ? For me yes, I enjoyed the improvements it brought to the set up. The most important improvement was layered clarity from speakers and fantastic rhythm from subwoofers. With the subwoofers, this cannot be heard but “felt”. The bass has got a nice up down rhythm that tracks well with the upper frequencies. That is my experience when using it with the subwoofers at home

Overall, a very pleasant experience for me using the Kojo bullet. Thanks to sky audio bringing in fantastic products to Singapore at reasonable prices . The system has further improved with the addition of these accessories. The sound comes out naturally and feels so natural and pleasant

If you are using one of these, what is your experience and where do you plug these ?to source ? Amplifier? Speakers ?

Would be great to hear from you….

In the meantime, enjoy !! Highly recommended stuff, Kojo Crystal EP aka Kojo Bullet aka Ji Dan !