Jurassic World Dominion...Watch it for nostalgia and not otherwise

All I can say is…it is a missed opportunity for this Jurassic franchise. There are good and nostalgic feelings when watching this but the plot is a letdown. In gist, the plot felt contrived when you try to blend the OG (Dr Grant, Dr Saddler and Dr Malcolm) with the new generation of protagonists (Claire and Owen). Another weak point is the writer trying to make us believe that dinosaurs co-exist with humans and that dinosaurs can be tamed and domesticated in some way. If your purpose for watching this movie is to marvel at the photo-realistic CGI dinosaurs and is able to cast aside the weak plot, then this movie has some really cool tense moments. And yes, I bet this will be an aggressive Dolby Atmos mix no doubt when the bluray comes out.

Watch it for nostalgia and not otherwise, only then you will not be disappointed. :frowning_face: A wasted opportunity imo to close this franchise. I guess there is so much you can do with storyline on dinosaurs.

[WARNING]: The first hour will make you question, is this movie about dinosaurs or an action thriller! :laughing:

Ratings: 3/5 stars

I would give it 4.5* :sweat_smile:
It was pure entertainment from my perspective as I cast aside all logic upon entering the cinema.

It was pure fun and excitement with almost non-stop action.
The CGI is super realistic (though some dino movement is abit odd but hey…) and that makes is belivable once you throw logic out the window - ie seeing is believing as they say.

Btw, I watched it in JB MidValley The Mall on IMAX screen.
Wow - our neighbour has an impressive cinema. My usual IMAX here is LIDO.
Comparatively, the JB setup wins hands down especially the sound quality. The bass has lotsa rumble and solid tactile feel. Rarely (if ever) you get tactile feedback on your seat in SG cinema.

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