JL Audio Subwoofers

A surprise acquisition from another company which has a different core business.

Dang… Not sure if this is good news for JL fans

Get ready for watch mounted sub

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First is Sound United acquired by Masimo which deals with industry-grade medical equipment/probes and now Garmin which deals in GPS tracking. https://www.soundunited.com/news/Masimo%20Closes%20Acquisition%20of%20Sound%20United

Is this a new trend in the business world when they said, diversifying the business to reduce risk, and that translates to the acquisition of the company that bears no similarity in the DNA of the parent company? This is an interesting trend I am starting to see…

wow… next sub willl be able to adjust thru garmin smart watch based on where you sit in the room.

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If you want anything cheaper than the E series, look no further than the Dominion series…d110

If anyone getting, you should really consider getting at least 1 pair. There is also an 8" driver as well.