iPhone 12 Pro (Raw) images

iPhone 12 Pro raw image capture is quite astonishing.

The raw image capture is in DNG file format and unable to display here. But you can click the link to view

Normal capture: http://avdisco.ddns.net/images/misc/white_tiger_normal.JPG
Raw capture: http://avdisco.ddns.net/images/misc/white_tiger_raw.DNG

Fantastic image on the iPhone 12 Pro, the video looks stunning as well. Just nice my contract is up this month.

Definitely getting the 12. Loooks like quite worth it

Yes, this year, Apple’s iPhone 12 Pro is quite good. Remember to get the Pro, not the normal or mini.

Ya, definitely. Will be getting the pro. Size is just nice for my palm.

How is the 5g coverage and speed ?

Very nice the pics, love it

I didn’t subscribe to any 5G network at the moment. No need to rush to jump on the 5G wagon as there is no third party services or any pressing needs to have 5G network to do anything. Until IoT becomes a mainstay and 5G network becomes prevalent, then we talk about 5G. At least you know iPhone 12 is future proof for the next 3 to 5yrs.

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Phones you can consider for image quality too.