Introducing Dolby Atmos FlexConnect

Bye bye Soundbar…welcoming wireless speakers that allows you to place it anywhere in your home.

Revolutioning :grin: What do you think???

For more details: Dolby's FlexConnect tech will make wireless Dolby Atmos setup a doddle | T3

Slowly but surely…the number of speakers (> the basic 5.1) and flexible speaker placement at different parts of the rooms using better “wireless” signals will soon dominate the home theater arena.

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I predict Sony to come up with a completely wireless spatial audio HT package soon. Will be wireless both in signal and power, they already have a surround sat that is completely wireless with rechargeable battery & is getting decent reviews, they will definitely improve on it & will probably come up with a 4 speaker set-up similar to the HT-A9

This seems to be an ecosystem war rather than new functionality?

There already exists WISA for wireless surround audio system driven from the TV.

Never saw much adoption or momentum…

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