Introducing Apple Vision Pro - at a whopping US$3,499!

It is definitely an impressive piece of hardware engineering…way way better than Mark Z’s Meta Quest by a far stretch!

As you can see, it’s tethered to your iPhone constantly. It still looks quite “front” heavy. Apple didn’t reveal the weight, how fast the battery will deplete (from the iPhone I assume). Also never talk about whether it is “spectacle-friendly” for 4-eyed users such as myself. These are the important things to consider but Apple conveniently or should I say, “intentionally” left out.

Available early next year…will you get one?

Ok I guess all my initial queries have been answered by our friends in HWzone.

I think its incredible. It’s its own OS and doesn’t require an iPhone, but makes using Apple stuff easy. If you look at your Mac, the display will transfer into the headset. Won’t be available until next year, but that gives developers of games and other things to produce content for it. Note that it has a high end Mac M2 processor in it. This is much much faster than any PC around so it won’t be easy for others to catch up. For a single person, this may be better than any projector.

Interesting product. For a single person - maybe can consider. But if for a family of 4 - wow, that’s going be like $20k if everyone gets one for their own use. I would consider this like a handphone - you can’t pass it around easily.

Pretty sure the sound quality will not be able to replace our full-sized 7.2.4 HT if we use it for movie watching.
And the short battery life means only short movies… :stuck_out_tongue:

The battery has a USB-C input where you can plug in another power bank or AC if you need over 2 hrs. Its meant for watching on the plane or in your car :rofl:

Might be good for dad to watch his R rated Netflix movies, while kids are around…