Installing dedicated line for hifi/HT

Hi, I am intending to install a dedicated line for my hifi/HT. Is there any electrician that you guys recommend that has experience in doing this specifically for hifi/HT? or just any electrician will do? thanks!

Maybe bro Bryan (@Ronildoq ) can help with some useful advice on this.

We used the famous Mr Soh in the past : +65 9672 1871
You can give him a call to see if he is still doing this
But you can also ask your LEW to help, and use the thickest cable you can afford, and add at least four power points. Bear in mind if you use the US style plugs, your insurance might not cover it…

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Thanks! I will contact Mr Soh!

hi guys, i was told that it is easier to just use the existing lines (instead of laying a new line) but the elecrrician will just separate (and install circuit breakers) the powerline for hifi from the rest of the power lines used in the house. was quoted $350 for this. can i check if anyone here used this method or has any thoughts about this? thanks!

Yes I used Mr Soh’s services as well. He is not just any electrician, he has the expertise knows the requirements for an audiophile set up.

I also use Frank Ground Loop EMI filter for the set up . It’s worth it IMO, I’ve been enjoying a system with very low noise and zero hum issues for some years now

Device looks like this

I have shared the entire installation process pre and post , in the old forum at xtremeplace . Can’t seem to find that now

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Here is what it looks after installation of the PE-35 Ground loop Emi filter

There is a nice improvement after you get the dedicated line installed for the HT set up.

One of the biggest benefits with a lowered electrical noise set up is you have an improved “ Dynamic range” with the set up. This allows the user to hear more details in a specific recording at the same time also reveals any flaws in the mastering ( Because it becomes so clear now)

Let’s say your system noise levels are about 30db and your gear has a dynamic range of 130db, your nett effective dynamic range is 100db.

Now if I have noise levels at 0db, with my gear at 120db dynamic range capability, I have a nett of 120db in dynamic range. The latter will sound better without a doubt, because the effective dynamic range is 120db. Compared to the other system that has a gear capable of 130db DR but has more noise at source.

So yes, no doubt, clean electricity high current with lower noise is preferred

But one have to be very careful, some “cleaning”
Devices whilst removes the noise, also takes away the energy. It ends up sounding too clean and lean without any oomph. That is something you don’t want as well