In 2023, the term DELSEC should be added as an Criteria when

…you’re buying a new TV as a replacement, upgrade, or even as a furnishing addition into new Apartment.

DELSET- Dolby Entry Level Sensory Experience Configuration, is now available in new systems where the SoC will have components that provide basic level of Dolby Vision and Virtual Atmos Surr to numbers of new TVs that range from mid size to mega size TV across different price points.

how about “International Brand” that are OEM for start?
… …that would be the one and only AIWA in our market… …

they’ve just launched theirs “Dolby Sensory Experience TV” in PHILIPPINES couple of months ago,

…and it’s now available to us @ $790approx for a 65incher exclusively @ GIANT, not Mustafa.

a perfect gift for your old folks… to experience entry level Virtual Atmos audio.
now on display @ GIANT. note that should you’re hearing deep bass, don’t be misled by it. it’s actually sound from the attached soundbar.

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