I.A.A.I- Immersive Audio Alternative Innovation, the collaborations to battle with Dolby and DTS had begun

memories getting poor, i wonder did i share with y’all fellas weeks ago, in TV section, that SKYWORTH and CREATIVE are working together to bring an alternate option of Immersive Audio thru implementation of SXFi into TVs and Displays. anyway…

…Samsung and Google just announced that their collaboration had developed their own product, which claims to be royalty free and open for different manufacturers to use.

the Samsung and Google collaboration seems had started long before Creative and SkyWorth collaboration.

personally, i would like to see locally developed product fly to new heights, gaining wider exposure.

however, as “big” as what we see CREATIVE can be, i don’t see much diligence in making end-product such as soundbar or speaker systems that would execute SXFi more effectively.

CREATIVE’s SXFi Carrier and Stage 360 Atmos soundbars…

…had been around for 2yrs already.