HT session with Wind

No worries, I did not mean any time soon, that’s why I said “one day” whenever that may be :grimacing:. I’ve not met anyone here other than Synthesis which was probably 7-8yrs ago.

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For sure bro Ricky. It’s my self constant reminder. :sweat_smile: Apology if you get wrong impression.

Took a little time last night to recalibrate the LG prj using latest calman updated software. I must say it definitely look better than the previous. The delta error goes from from average of 1 - 1.1 to 0.8 under my room light environment.

Perhaps the masking of my ceiling contributes to the overall result as well. It’s worth the effort for sure.

The awaken (intro by bro @desray)

Not bad on the black level. Still can see details of the spider suit

Xbox series X HDR gameplay, Gears 5 and Ori. Color not bad.

This is the only SDR pic. The background windows show much details

Short Gameplay

Will try another calibration mode tonight. :blush:


Very nice… :slight_smile:

from your opinion, assuming if i put a lumagen in between, and do away with the VRROOM, will there be significant improvement?

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Loan me one unit of VRROOM or HDFury Vertex 2 and I can tell you with absolute confidence like I did for MadVR Envy Extreme in my other post (MadVR distributorship in Singapore - #7 by desray). :smile:

I’ll see to that.

Quite a massive change to your living room in a year since I came by with the Vertex. Very impressive

Thank you bro Sammy. Will be happy to host you again soon :blush:

Power la bro wind. Your current setup is so diff from the time i visited u.

Hope one day, can pop over to hear :slight_smile:

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:pray::pray: I learnt quite a few tricks from bros kekeke. Yes will love to have you guys over. Will check on some dates and post here.

Wait covid spike settle down first. Its like everywhere

My whole family kenna last week, still recovering /isolating


Agreed…hopefully it will reach its peak and subside sometime by mid March (based on govt’s prediction).

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Like wise. My grandparents, sister family, brother family and my parents all recovered 2 days back only. :sweat:

Take care bro!

Daily numbers are scary

Dolby Vision via the VRROOM to PJ HDR DTM On/Off comparison

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Win, what movie is this? I want to try the scene on my OLED and PJ

Tomb raider

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Yeah it’s tomb raider. This kind of scene easy to tell difference. Other than that… Majority of movies I tried is like dark and bright only :sweat_smile:

Didn’t snap exactly the right scenes on my BenQ W2700 driven by Apple TV 4K through a Vertex 2 in Dolby Vision. However, visually all the scenes had wave detail and were not blown out. The BenQ doesn’t have DTM. Instead it has 5 tone maps. It was set on the middle tone map, which is 3. Seemed to be fine. I tried all the other tone maps, and none had whites blown out. Can confirm that LLDV works well with bright contrasty scenes on the BenQ

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