HT session with Wind

Hi all~ it’s me, aka winwinc81. Am bringing my journey over from “there” to “here”. Link as below.

Sharing (and receiving what’s shared to me) along the way is definitely a rewarding experience for myself as well as others. Thanks to the many brothers for sharing their experience with me! You know who you are! Really great to find time from work off Ovation United and do some update journey here in this new awesome forum… so lets get going.

The Super tweeter!
Borrowed a pair of super tweeter called Townshend from a brother to try. Am intrigued by all the hearsay of using a supertweeter… my impression is it’s airy and precise, not loud yet DEFINITELY high in freq… its a nice add on to have, but due to the SDA drivers, sadly had to return it… else will need to have at least 2 pairs and find out how to get it connected to the SDA. Nevertheless, thanks to the brother who borrowed me this nifity little equipment to try :stuck_out_tongue:

This is how it looked like on the towers

i will need to have 2 each due to the SDA drivers :smiley:

Next, Decluttering the front stage.
After hearing so much about decluttering the frontstage, advises by brothers here (esp Ronlidoq), and seeing nivlahog putting words into action, i joined the boat.

Gotten myself a 2nd hand rack from my contractor, looked dusty initially but its actually pretty clean (with a few scratches only) after the clean up. It definitely look HUGE upon delivered. WAF? maybe not so… but i did que my Mrs that “something big is coming”… without much hesitation, the rack got delivered the exact same day once confimed. I guess my contractors will just buang if no one wants it. might as well buang my place at a small price :slight_smile:

Full 42U rack in this corner of the living room

With the doors all removed (and throw), it doesn’t looked as daunting. Mrs more or less accept it since i promised that the front stage will look more “clean” in a way as all equipment will be shifted to the rack.

The more troublesome tasks will be to re cable all the speakers wires to the rack, since this idea was not planted in my mind beforehand, there are no cable slack. So no choice but to re lay. i ever thought of extending the cables but don’t seems to be a good idea after advises from bros :frowning: More work to come and more pics to share of course.

New “Shoes” for the towers and Center
To be honest, am a skeptic for these things… same goes to power cable (something i have not get into yet), Absorbers and diffusers (apparently I’ve fallen into this “one way street”), BUT since i believed in absorbers and diffusers already, i mean why not?

Due to the weight of my towers. I’ve gotten the GAIA 1 for the towers,

and the Isoacoustic 430 for the center

With the help of my supportive Mrs, she helped lay the foams on the floor so that i can angle my speaker to let it “sleep” on it. The foams helped to cushion the binding posts at the same time so that i can safely replace the footers. Bro Kennyluck and chlim offered to help. Thanks for the offer however my kid was on SHN due to cough hence they did not drop by… but its the thoughts that counts! THANK YOU! :slight_smile:

I did faced some challenge of having an incorrect screw size. The spacing between the screw thread is different

Cannot go in anymore

It cannot go in all the way hence I’ve to order the correct thread of M12-1.5. Have to ensure to check on the correct screw size apart from the stock ones provided in the box else its a waiting game. Lucky it take less than 2 weeks to reach me. Below pic the end result.

Verdict after the footers? Even more separation from the already wide soundstage of the L800. The bass is punchy, even more controlled and DEFINITELY no resonances. The clarity of the mid to high freq also improve quite fair bit! Something really worth upgrading for sure! Hesitated initially but again, bro ronlidoq says go for it. Hoot GAIA 1, no horse run… and so it’s there to stay haha

As for the Center speaker, needless to say, definitely improve in dialogue. Most important for HT!

Tilted to ear level.

The assembly is pretty straight forward. There are attachments for different tilt level, just choose the one suits you.

so why this laser? We’ll go into that soon :stuck_out_tongue:

After selling off the Marantz 8805, I was deliberating which AVP to get next. 2 nights of discussion with my buddy djblackfm, and also seeking my wife for permission to spend that kind of money, few days of discussion of getting dealership, finally I got my hand on a Trinnov Altitude 16. Wanted the Altitude 32 with 24 channels initially… the price is break relationship kind (just kidding on the break relationship)… being rational and practical, the 16 does it’s job. HDB is just this big a size… just this number of speakers can put according to speaker placement guidelines… lets say I’ll hold on to this 16 until the 32 is needed in future

Some unboxing pics

Gotten the 3D mic as well, No choice, i know that i will need it be, it a dealer’s job to calibrate for my customers or to perfect the calibration skill for the most immersive experience. I will need it.

It has 4 Mics each with its own function. as quoted from the web
" sound waves pass through this array of microphones, hitting each one at a slightly different time. Based on this timing, we can triangulate the location of the speaker from which the sound arrived. By testing each speaker in turn, we build a three-dimensional map of where the speakers are relative to the mic (which is placed at the main listening position). We can do this to within 2° of azimuth, 2° of elevation, and 1 cm of distance. We use this information to enable our proprietary Remapping technology, in which we translate from the theoretical rendering of the soundtrack to the specifics of your particular room. Remapping uses the two or three speakers closest to the intended location of a sound to create a phantom image of the sound coming from the correct direction."

The Remapping is where the “magic” happen. Correcting the amplitude, phase, impulse, group delay all at the same time after the 3 sweep for each speaker.

As for the Calibration, I’m just being “anal” to myself in getting things right, a laser guide was used to get the most accurate azimuth, referencing the Center spk.

now you know why is there laser on my Center spk on my earlier pic :slight_smile:

To have even more accuracy, a bubble level was used. A lot of prep work to be done before the calibration. Calibration only take less than 20 mins but it takes effort for the prep work but its very very rewarding!

The below is the end result of the calibration. Based on Trinnov Technical Manager analysis, the interaction between my speakers and my room is considerable ok from 500hz onwards. The room correction (called Optimizer) only need to do its minimum effort in Optimizing speakers to room. I can also choose not to optimize from 500hz to 20khz its up to me, but of course i still choose to for the most immersive experience.
The top graph is the original measurement, the middle graph shows that its being corrected by the filters applied in the last graph

A pic of the corrected impulse. Same, the top graph is the original measurement, the middle graph shows that its being corrected by the filters applied in the last graph

A pic of my speaker placement presentation. This is where the “magic” happen…, even though the speaker placement is slightly out of guidelines, the remapping will use the two or three speakers closest to the intended location of a sound to create a phantom image of the sound coming from the correct direction (as quoted from the web). by doing this it makes your speaker “disappear” thus providing an immersive experience. However it is still not advisable to deviate way too much from spk placement guidelines. Meaning, you place your surround left and right speakers on the top left and right hand corner of the room, where that particular positions are more suitable for Left Right Rear height apk position. Of course due to WAF or space restrictions, then its not much of a choice, but still its strongly recommended to follow the fundamental of spk placement not only for optimizer, but also for ALL room correction. Desray also mentioned this multiple times i supposed :sweat_smile:

Thats all for now.

I’ll most probably start the cabling and shifting of equipment to rack once my rack shelves are in in next 2 weeks. From now till then, do PM me if you would like to drop by for a demo session and chit chat. I’ll be happy to share more of what i know and to absorb of what i do not know from you :slight_smile:

Thanks to those who had already dropped by for a session. Appreciate your time and ears in helping me to further improve my HT and Stereo experience with all the feedbacks. You know who you are! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you very much bros!
**The visits are of different days ever since mid Phase 2 started.

Thanks for reading my journey. Till then~

Congratulations Win,reached the top of the ‘food chain’ for processor liao n nicely done on the room acoustic!:muscle::muscle::muscle:
See some familiar faces also.:grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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Congrats bro! Very nice improvement compared to the last visit more than a year ago

The biggest takeaway was the ceiling absorption diffusion combination, room noise floor was significantly lower compared to my last visit

You get a good feeling once u step into the hall.

Music listening was fantastic, bass is very tight and precise, yet soothing and relaxing, very enjoyable. Nice speakers

Still have PTY to go… lol :rofl: that one no turning back… lol … that presence of energy and disappearance of resonances… instantaneous impact

Very nice, next round when the racks are ready, HT demo catch up again

You are definitely heading in the right direction, everything is up a few levels now :muscle:t2:, we are seeing the benefits in all your efforts now

Nice setup, bro. Yet to pay you a visit. The screen seems small for the viewing distance or is it the fisheye lens of the camera?

Yeah thanks bro! Always appreciate the song share!

Cables in pipeline. Slowly lol. Always appreciate your great tips!

The TV is small. The pj screen is 106 only. But I got no pj lol

You can drop by ah… just let me know and will be happy to have you

Congrats bro win. Impressive setup.

Very big improvement compared to last year, check it out

Stereo was very relaxing , hardly any resonances, clean, fast and accurate. Full range

Was late at night, didn’t get to test the trinnov in action for HT. noise levels, be it electrical noise, external noise, room ambient noise, was very Low, easily able to hit 25-30dbA

Good job win ! I’m sure you are very satisfied with all the hard work, you are reaping the rewards :grin:

Thanks thanks. Feel free to pop by.

Wow! Impressive guess on the noise floor. It was 30 to 32 last measured. Powerful ears.

No wonder you sit so still and serious listening to the legend last night.

Once the rest of the rack works ready, will call you over again. :pray:

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After some gruesome back breaking/soreness past week, I finally completed my re cabling and decluttering work from the fronts to the rack!! :v:

Definitely neater and easier access to the electrical supply behind the feature wall

The fronts now compare to the last

WAF approved neatness

Rack it this corner of living hall.

Thanks to all the bros for the awesome encouragement, tips on what to do and the benefits. You all know who you are🥰 Din expect the sound to be different but I definitely glad I take this step!

Can focus on planning how to deal with the center spk, the screen and finally a PJ I want.


One of these days must go listen to your Legends. :smiley:

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Most welcome bro. I’ll be available whole of next week. You have my number. Welcome you.

What a difference!!!
Very clean, very nice looking. I dunno how u did it :rofl:
If it sounds very different, then need to come listen again :grin:

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Bro Xfi,
How is your new place and plans getting along. If you more free next week, I’ll drop by. We’ll chat via whatsapp

You are welcome to drop by for sure. Will share with you how it’s being done :wink:

Great job bro ! Looking good, sound will be good too as soon as you de-clutter!

I know the pain, as the saying goes no pain no gain !

Good you are making every move to improve to set up, I’m sure it’s rewarding, enjoy !!

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Dears bros / readers,

May I have the honor to host 2 bros for each Sunday (date and time below) for demo and chat session. Do PM me if you have time to drop by and I will put a name to the numbers below. Pls don’t feel obligated to bring any food or drinks or any of such. It’s perfectly fine to just bring yourself :sweat_smile:

Looking forward for your interest. :relaxed:

17 Jan, 2pm to 4pm

  1. Durian
  2. Chimaera

24 Jan, 2pm to 4pm

  1. Ronildoq
  2. Wizardofoz

31 Jan, 2pm to 4pm

I’m free on 24th, can pop by

Thank you so much bro. You always give me good tips and the know how for my improvement. Very happy you can make time to come by🤗

See you!

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