How to Build a Home Theater with Vividstorm Screen and Laser UST Projector?

Hi, there!

I am going to build a home Theater.
I am looking at VAVA laser UST projector and Vividstorm screen recently.
I saw a lot of review video about Vividstorm screen on Youtube.
The introduction is quite good, the picture is clear and Vivid.
I saw there are sell on Amazon and Alibaba and some other shop.
Is there anybody who buy it from China directly?
Do you have experience to share?

Thank you!

I think sells Vividstorm locally.

Thank you so much!
i will contact with them.

Just sharing , in every products that you buy there is pros and cons . Be it the quality or is it suitable/ acclimatize to local environment as that is some thing to consider when buying it .

That in long run products will change its performance .

If you are looking for just good brightness , less sharpness and light path uniformity is not critical for PJ the UST are great product to use . If screen material are not sharp and uneven flatness at time happens and it is acceptable that the two combination will be a good decision purchase for you .

If your demand is of great sharpness , uniform brightness and long lasting PJ those conventional mid and standard throw lens PJ will be the choice. A good fiber glass base or poly vinly screen material will be ideal for you best fixed screen or motorize tab tension .

Lastly if space is constrain and like to watch with light on those item you selected will be applicable .

Hope that helps

  • Thank you very much for your professional advice and answer!

Speaking from great experience Alf! :muscle:

great, thank you :grinning:

Yes sir , i do those physical testing by using test pattern with new type 4k /UHD with glass lens type of projector . On the screen material its self , there is also a climate environment testing to see how it reacts.

That is how my research comes to a conclusion … :sweat_smile:lah .

Of course. This is the way to do it else you will not know how to sell. Likewise I do test before I take in new product to sell :slight_smile:

Yes sir .

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