Home theatre MadVr box

Hi guys new to site, looking for some advice, got a 100” tv and was wondering if using a MadVr would be any benefit?, and if it is what advantage is the extreme version of MadVr over the Standard, also the is a large discount on the older models now would this be a good option? Thanks in advance

Sorry Oswald, I don’t think anyone here owns a MadVR video processor to provide you with any insights on your query. Maybe you would have more luck over at the AVSForum. Most of us use the free version of MadVR s/w on a HTPC.

The extreme version is more on the processing power and bootup time. You may wanna check if ya TV supports Dolby vision as well and if it supports, you might just want to have your TV calibrated first

MadVR does wonderful enhancement to the colour especially for projector as I’ve seen one in action after I calibrated a client JVZ NZ8 it really made the picture pop.

On the contrary, if you are saying “TV only”, I would think twice on having MadVR. Like I said, You should try to have your TV calibrated first (if your TV supports calman and advance settings it will not be difficult) in order to make any further decision on a MadVR as it ain’t cheap.

I’ve also seen lumagen in action before, also with projector. It does not lose out to MadVR in terms of PQ, the only drawback would be the UI learning curve.

Hope this info helps with your decision