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Its been a long tiring year for everyone, covid-19 and very fast we are approaching year end.

Having completed my journey, as i have shared in xtremeplace, i am now able to help another fellow member, Nivlahog with his journey. Niv is a HT enthusiast, just like me. He had a Rythmik FV18hp sub with KK subs, audio control Dirac processor, but struggled to dial in the system. He approached me for some advice, and after diving into the details, i decided to help him.

The first problem, was mixing sealed subs with ported subs, of different make. I made that same mistake many years ago, so i could feel his frustrations. My advice for him was simple, keep it simple, get the same subs. Or at least, get both sealed subs or both ported subs.

Niv loves his midbass, he couldnt part with his KK. I can understand. So the suggestion was for him to ditch the fv18hp, and go for the F18. He was quick on the move, immediately, 2 F18s arrived and FV18hp was history.

We went through the entire step by step process from

  1. Gain optimisation
  2. Room Acoustics
  3. Subwoofer placement
  4. Integrating subs

bla bla so on so forth, all these done remotely, through video call. He is a happy man today, we got the entire system up and aligned, and he was extremely delighted with the set up.

the above is the spectrogram in Alvin’s room, post calibration. You can see how good the decay, with the linear dotted line for peak energy times. It was a long journey, but a fruitful one.

many people will be dying to get that type of response in their room. Niv was no exception, it was the best to date in his dedicated room.

However… there is still room for improvement, i shared with Niv again, that he MUST go with an Acoustic Transparent screen where speakers and front height atmos speakers are tucked behind the screen.

So i hosted him and another member (also planning for PJ), for a demo to test out the pros and cons of having an AT screen recently. I advised both, that this is the way forward for HT, set and forget, live with no regrets

So here we go again… Ill be sharing his Journey here, (of course with his consent), and i hope this will help everyone else in their HT journey. We will go down to the very basic stuff from wiring, electricity, noise control, vibration control, screen material, pj, subs, calibration, Dirac Live, gain optimisation, PJ calibration SDR/HDR, acoustic, SMT you name it.

My goal is to bring out the best in Niv’s room. Boy, i think im more excited than him :crazy_face:

Stay tuned, i will share all the details along the way


Great sharing…but is Nivlahog even in this forum? :smile:

Impressive job, Ron. Didn’t know the entire processes were done via VC. How to determine the best locations for the subs through VC?

Ron always very helpful and have learn quite a few tips from him too. :grinning:

Hi Ronildoq

I believe Alvin had informed you that Econ/myself were involved in this project of rebuilding his HT room, as we are a commercial company providing services for design and customed integration and also supplied some needed hardware for this site.
Hence, your posting may mislead the readers that instead you were the one providing the design, implementation, buildup and onsite services which could affect our business (knowingly or unknowingly). Should not you have a basic courtesy to seek my consent prior to your posting as Alvin had informed you that I am helping him as a company. Without prejudice, some words you used, such as, “ditch the FV18” could also misinterpret as to say that we have provided the customer a wrong choice and you helped the customer to go for the sealed F18. Just to let you know that was deployed 2 yrs ago and we had replaced it with 2 x F18 as the need had changed since. I will not be going further on the screen and projector selection as all these are undertaken by Econ as a company and hope I have clarified our position and any postings that are related to this project before and after have our commercial interests and should not be disclosed in anyway without all parties’ consent . If after the project is completed and owner wants to engage your service to fine tune or recalibrate then we can’t and will not interfere you.
Although I know this is a private forum owned by an individual, but as a well informed person and in your professional capacity, what can and cannot be disclosed and at what appropriate time, I believe you should know.

Peng Chee Keong
Econ Av Concepts Pte Ltd

Morning Econav/ Peng

For a start, welcome to the forum. Just so u know, I am not aware Alvin had taken up your services. He came to me for help, which I have offered for free.I am glad I helped him dial in the system. And yes, I told him to ditch the fv18hp and go for the f18, that was my advice. And just ask him how happy he is with this decision now. Of course after ditching the fv18hp, I had to show him the worth and why it mattered. Because he was misinformed to using the KK sealed sub to pair with a ported subs. I also advised him not go for the seatons, these were all my advise to him. Nobody was there to help him , so he came to me. Hope that is clear to u or Econav

Secondly, the idea to move to a AT screen, also came from me. I was the one who convinced him AT screen is the way forward. And obviously he took my advice but what I didn’t know is he engaged your professional services. I am happy to note that if a professional company is there to help, then he is in good hands. I am sure Econav will do a good job to keep this HT enthusiast a happy man, pleased to know.

Don’t worry, if u have taken on the project, then I’m more than happy to leave all these to Econav. I have no financial interests whatsoever with what Econav does with this project or any financial interest with Alvin or company or forum.

My main idea of sharing is to hope other members embarking in their HT will get to experience first hand how this is done

I will leave that sharing with you now, if u so wish, no problem for me.

Enjoy and have fun! Most importantly, keep the man happy at the end of the day, that’s what matters

Ya correct ray, I used VLC to CFH, calibrate from home :slight_smile:

It was a new experience for me, calibrating from home . We did a lot of optimisation prior calibration.

So it was also a good learning experience for Niv, as he could see the step by step and how mixing ported with the seal sub was a real problem in his room

The timing on the ported sub was way off compared to his seal, no matter how he dialed in the system, it was always one cycle late for the subs to be in phase

The idea of HP - LP subs is wrong, it just cannot work this way by taking full advantage of the subs

The reason why I could advise him is because I went through the same thing as him , once upon a time, I was on a kk12 with fv15hp

This is the advice I got back then

It was hand written and given to me

Being a noob in HT back then, obviously I followed the “professional” advice. Just read the above professional advice . I even took a picture to save it up, just in case I forget the steps

But fast forward today, this is a piece of joke to me…

So I felt for him, I knew he was in trouble with the setup, having spent so much. I helped him out of goodwill. Even recommended him the same brand, so the business flows for the professional company. But obviously he wasn’t happy with the set up

I was about to calibrate HDR and dolby vision for him, now that I’ve found the magic behind. But looks like he is in good hands now

Wow. This seems rather simple to follow.

Hi Ronildoq
As the statement you indicate,
I am not aware Alvin had taken up your services.
The follow screen capture had show otherwise

Please clarity you are say this is from me or my company , as you mentioned. Kk12 (KK12012) and Fv15HP, as both of this products are carry by my company .

This is from your company, written instructions provided at the time of delivery by your colleague or ex-employee Nicholas. He was kind to advise me how to approach the integration between the two.

You can check with him, if this is his hand writing

I understand from Niv that you are only handling the PJ and screen stuff. Nothing else. Not sure if there is anything else

Anyway, cut long for short, I have no interest in anything u do, neither am I interested in stealing your ideas or anything. The main reason I’m helping him is because he came to me first for help, and in no way have I discredited any of your products or company

My advise for him was simple, ditch the kk for dual fv18hp, or ditch the f18 for dual f18. Hello…They are both your products, that I highly recommended

In fact the journey here that I share, only helps to promote your products, since he is a full supporter of u.

But obviously things have changed now, I will no longer get involved with any products u bring in, nor will I comment or recommend any of your products to anyone from now on. I didn’t know u will get offended over this sort of knowledge sharing

Further there is no benefits whatsoever for me but clearly there is some form of unhappiness with Econav . Obviously I am not aware that sharing my friends HT journey can lead to unhappiness with AV company

I will leave Niv’s set up in Econav good hands now

All the best !

Which part of the sentence in that WhatsApp that says he has engaged Econav for the work ?

You show me that first then talk

Just so you know, he was asking me everything from integration of subs, to calibration of projector, to vibration control, to cable used, to AT screen to acoustics. It is only I think a few days ago that he probably engaged Econav services

I went through thick and thin with him during COVID-19 remotely to bring his room standard to what it is today

You can ask him who was there for him…

@Ronildoq honestly you should continue to share. i learn a lot from your sharing…


For the record , Nicholas was never a staff or employ by Econ Av Concepts and under its payroll .
you should not assume and use words that may complicate issue , and that is why i asked to clarify in the first place.

I don’t know his full name and not sure if he is your employee or not but he was the guy who delivered the rythmik fv15hp I bought from Econav few years back.

Maybe you should advice the delivery guy not to hand out such advice to the customer, otherwise the customer will get confused and think that they work for Econav and advising on behalf of Econav

In all fairness to the delivery guy Nick , he was kind enough to share, out of goodwill. I didn’t pay him or gave him anything in exchange for his advice

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