Hisense L9 Series Projector

is this L9 Hisense Projector able to match the LG Projector? its bundled with a free ALR Screen…


Close to 10k range…
either effect of inflation or this is quite high price range…
One big limitation for UST is calibration, most have limited support.

UST is a pain when it comes to alignment… if u accidently knocked onto it, alignment out… gotta keep adjusting… quite cumbersome… quite ex for a UST PJ

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The projector central review was 5 stars. Seems like quite an amazing laser projector in that it has a HDR filmmaker mode of 2,200 lumens. That’s incredible. On any normal screen, that would completely blind you, but it’s bundled screen is 0.4 gain and actually appears quite a dark grey in daylight. Hence, perceived contrast is high even in normal lighting and despite it being a DLP. The other amazing thing is that with a triple laser, it exceeds the BT2020 color gamut. That’s right. Exceeds!. Most projectors struggle to 100% of P3 let alone BT2020.

At the high price, it is probably unique among UST projectors in price and capability and probably blows most laser UST’s away. Kind of the JVC within UST. But what makes me happy is that this technology will eventually be mass marketed and it may be a true alternative to a huge and cumbersome 100 inch TV.