High Frequency Horn Resonator - 1st Class

Recently I was introduced to this device, supposedly known in the market as a “Passive Super Tweeter” and sold by Sky Audio and his resellers here


I first tested the device, lets have a close up look

The entire piece above :point_up:

There appears to be a small hole if u observe the horn

The diameter of the horn measures about 6cm and the length of the horn 11cm. These numbers are specifically calculated to the designers intent. A wider hole yields supremacy in the high frequencies whilst a smaller hole is better for controlling Low frequencies. These are quite similar to the helmhotz resonator. The diameter of the horn, it’s length, cavity and air movements etc all changes with sound. Requires a lot of study and experiment to get it right. I think this should be known as a high frequency horn resonator instead of a passive super tweeter. Nowhere it is doing the job of a super tweeter .

A quick guide on the science behind below :


You can observe with helmhotz , the openings are smaller. Which works well for Low frequencies . A whole lot of science behind which is available le on Wikipedia.


Real life application & listening test… below….

Very very poisonous :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones:

Yesterday I had the opportunity to host one member for demo session. Together, and with the distributor, we had our listening test session. Combining various options and rinsing and repeating the various different genre music to find the best balance.

It was a fantastic demo session yesterday. I really enjoyed the session from the demo yesterday and learnt lotsa stuff in the process. I ended up with the following placement for 2 pairs of HF Horn resonator

On mains:

Behind MLP

Wow!! Just Wow! Only 3 letters… the music and vocals did the talking…. Super solid!! It transformed the entire listening experience and I was absolutely stunned and thrilled on the quality it brought to the set up!

The realism is scary good and we could feel the emotions from the singer. We took it out from speaker location and tested behind MLP, different impact. Leave on speaker location and took out behind MLP, another different impact took out both, the song becomes normal song. Put it back, wow again… the music sounds so different and pleasant. I’m really not very good at describing it. But what I can tell u is that, whoever we put it in front, vocal clarity improved a few folds with a sense of realism and you can feel his emotions. The horn at the back of MLP, improves the sound stage and creates a sense of “spaciousness” as if the back wall doesn’t exist. In his voice, with the horn placed behind MLP, the transition of sound is a lot smoother with very nice high frequencies decay… we can feel him using every ounce of breath singing at the top of his lungs…. That final oomph for the high notes until he can no longer go higher and then he grasps his breath… that decay…… 1st class man!

Then comes the layer of instruments… speed of the instruments from the ribbon tweeters in layers… wow so damn nice the quality….it doesn’t mask out the details ….

Along the way, Steve from sky audio did some tweak, this guy has magic hands when it comes to stereo, whatever he touches seem to make things sound right. He realised that the placement of the horn was not aligned to the tweeter, immediately he fixed it and we had another listen,

This time it was aligned and instantly, our friend who is a pianist, could tell, “bro, this piano sound now sounds right” fantastic! And we were all stunned !! Some minor tweaks here and there and boy, so satisfying….

So as we found out, the placement makes a big big difference as well.

Above all, the experience was fantastic for me, I’ve learnt so much yesterday. What’s suppose to be demo to pass on knowledge, turns out to be a learning experience for me, and I enjoyed and loved every moment of it.

This is the best thing in this hobby, you always have something to learn from each other. But sometimes, it’s important to learn the right things and apply them.

Some would argue that this resonator , is actually colouring the sound. Whilst I cannot disagree, I would argue that in a home set up, any speakers we are listening to is also “coloured” :sweat_smile:, but coloured to the “room sound” . Now my concept of thinking is, since the sound is already coloured, how about we “colour it in a nice way that we like”?. One has got to understand, the moment you put in the diffusors in the room, you are already colouring the sound. U put too much absorptive material, the room sounds dead. None of us are listening to music in an anechoic chamber. So I come back to the sentence, we “colour it in a nice way that we like”? that is key takeaway….

It turns out there are a few many others who are already using it. For me, it was a game changer, it brought the biggest improvement to my set up, the upgrade of the AVM90 and the divini silver XLR didn’t come close to this

This one is absolutely :skull_and_crossbones::skull_and_crossbones: Confirmed, I guarantee once to in not coming out type…

Be warned…

Moral of the story… acoustics still has the most significant impact to sound quality… time and again I have established this fact… no doubt about it….

Very very happy man, haven’t been so happy in a long time! It’s like I have finally nailed it

Ps:// side note to bro Hillviewer and Bro Kingajit who are both on the GX300, u need to get this !! U will be stunned !! Take my word for it and thank me later. Not very expensive but very very satisfying

My Mrs and kids came back in the evening after a day out with friends yesterday whilst I hosted the demo session.

She asked:” what is this horn? U bought new stuff?”

Looking guilty, I had to think quick…

“ this horn thing works to amplify our love :heart: for each other” … good fengshui … :rofl:

Ram out of options and answer …

Then she winked at me and walked away… but didn’t ask me how much I spent for it… :joy:

Oh yes, prior to purchasing this stuff. I wanted to actually see what it is doing to the various frequencies. So I wanted to pull up the measurements with and without. Using RTA to look for differences in mid to high frequencies and their fluctuations and changes in spectrum, with vs without . I also wanted to look at the impulse on broadbanded time delay but haven’t had the time.

Based on what I’m hearing, I can conclude the effects mirror those when I first used a SMT Wings diffusor.

The “spaciousness” effect is scary good when placed bottom top exactly behind MLP.

In acoustics, we all know that if the speakers are placed equidistant in front, the late reflections will always… always end up behind MLP.

Using the same theory , we placed this horn thing exactly behind the MLP. We are essentially turning these late reflections into something that “activates” the brain to expose different time masking. If I put my hands on the device, I can feel it resonating (sort of tony vibrations). The results are then our ability to hear the instruments and vocals better, because of how the late reflections resonantes with the horn, delays those frequencies and amplifies it in a nice way. Too much of those delays and we enter the region of “echo”, which becomes detrimental. So I guess this designer got it bang on with the acoustical delay.

I’m suspecting if we pull out the reverb time, we should see a very “even” looking delay… otherwise I wouldn’t be hearing this type of improvements

I guess I didn’t want to go through the hassel of bringing the gear out to measure again.

For me, it worked wonders, and the sound is so beautiful… I don’t have more words to describe. The last time I had this type of improvements was when I discovered the SMT wings diffusor. Some years back, that was one helluva solid built temporal diffusor that works very well in space and time

This is going to rock for many audiophiles. Because it’s not an electronic device that alters the sound , it’s more of an acoustic device. Either you are hearing more of your room, or more of your speakers being amplified by this in frequency and time domain.

Damn it sounded fantastic for HT as well.

This takes 2022 upgrade of the year for me! It beats the AVM90 anthem upgrade and divini silver XLR cable hands down ! So much impact this HF Horn Resonator and I have to say I’m so in love :heart: With the ribbon sound from monitor audio…

Nice. Is it suitable for HT LCR use?

Ya it is. It sort of works with the acoustics in the room. Unlike super tweeters that emanate sound, this thing sort of get the acoustics in the room to sound nice….

Try… once u try it no turning back type… you can place it on top the speakers to try…

But if your speakers are like this below then can’t

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Thanks Ronildoq for the detailed review of the 597 Horn Resonator. I have linked it on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/LoveSanctuaryStereo/posts/pfbid0iNaGg9Uxn2of6B1HotAXtwG7PZUU82RLUaRaFMJSLGu1GMcuMAuVY3z9g7Fq2fHgl

Steve and I will also be holding a demo of the product on 17 Sep 2022 2pm-3.30pm. I welcome everyone to join. Details can be found at https://www.facebook.com/LoveSanctuaryStereo/posts/pfbid02YbZ7gfzwFWLbTdegU3yTFbA9ALVDZnGowjUos8QJE8gSsjtv9BuD4aucbAKg8tE6l

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