Hi contrast projection screen

Now there is a lot of different screen material has been developed to counteract or help to maintain and increase the projection image quality . These material have surface up recently by different manufacturer for those conventional standard throw lens for Home Theatre market .

The reason is the projectors are getting brighter and brighter to be able to produce good HDRs and wide colour spectrum . These also allows more flexibility of how you can use in different environment and colour settings . We can do the conventional Bat Cave concept Or have ambient lights while watching .

The new screen material have a high silky smooth surface for 4k projection , anti hot spot in Bat Cave mode , wide viewing angle , increase black levels , does not loose white points and deeper picture depth .


@alf I’m looking forward to seeing pricing on some of these options for motorized drop down in the 100-110” range.

Wow, very nice way of comparing, we can see the difference clearly…


Yes there is that option the just pros and cons of it .

Latest up grade with the Titanium Grey


Very nice ! Do u have pics of the titanium grey bare screen ? Without pics on

Share more of those ultra white pics if possible, would be nice to clear any doubts that grey screen affects whitest of whites

Nice! I’ve got this screen from Alf.

Ok bro . I will try to take more picture with more white scene may be like snow and some more brighter scene .

Yah bro Kaydee6 came by to my demo area and look at the physically screen with lights on and off . He was worry that there will be hot spotting and resolution surface . As it was matching with his 4k projector.

Titanium screen surface resolution and tone.

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Baby steps. Don’t want SWMBO having kittens so fast…let he complain about the image maybe first.

Yah . Dont make too many changes …slowly but surely

Hi Ron did not have time to take picture of white or bright scene yet .

Just received from one of our Xp kakis kind enough to send me his picture .

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This is another upgrader to the new Cyrus Titanium Grey , the left side is where the sun light is directly . The client is using the Optoma UHD 50 .

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Cyrus cine projection screen model Titanium Grey . New design 100" 16 :9 motorize screen with tap tension .

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