He-Man & Masters of the Universe - Revelation (NetFlix Original)

I’m the 80s kid…So He-Man is one of my favourite cartoon characters back then. Hint - Mark Hamill is voicing the villain “Skeletor”. Season 1 coming 23 July.

Writer-producer is Kevin Smith…

Wow, very nice video quality! Looking forward to this one as well

My favorite cartoon show!

Looks good this one…

How I wish they will bring back MASK

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Haha. U also a MASK fan Ah. I still vividly recall my toy collections. Almost every MASK vehicles and figurines collected except the Boulder Hill Command Centre.

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Yeah. I love MASK! I had the motorcycle that turns Heli… Really hope they bring back this awesome cartoon!

But I’m a person that failed to treasure my toys last time. It’s sad really.

That’s codename: Condor. The rider is Brad Turner.

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Here’s the theme song to bring back those memories…


The resolution is like 480 and less lol. If they bringing back with main 1080p at least, or make a movie out of it… Fuahhhh the movie theater will be full of uncles age 40 and above lol… maybe… hahaha

I only remember Viper

Ya I remember that guy ! Hahaha

It’s not the bad guy’s name but rather referring to his Mask persona called Viper. His name is Miles Mayhem iirc.

Here’s a fun fact, G.I.Joe and MASK characters are all under Hasbro. I’ve recalled reading somewhere that the leader of MASK, Matt Tracker used to be an engineer/specialist working for G.I.Joe. The new Snake Eyes movie is an off shoot of G.I.Joe (a popular 80s cartoon series) and clearly Hollywood had already made a few G.I.Joe movies in the past, who is to say MASK cannot be turned into a live action movie. Even transformers, which is also in the same period as MASK spawned several movies. I recalled MASK IP is quite well received and toys selling like hot cakes back then. Hope Hasbro team can relook and take on this iconic 80s property.

Here’s all the good guys in the Hall of Fame.

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Ya cartoons those days were good, lotsa of it with good storyline . Toys were also fun.

Kids these days mostly prefer HP or online games or Xbox….

Those days we don’t have HP etc…

That’s very true…my nieces and nephews all playing with their tablets and smart phones all day long…so much so I see the lack of human interaction and interaction with nature. Not healthy in both mind and soul. Technology advancement indeed shapes the future. Next will be AI and Robotics. Look no further than some of the robotic vacuum cleaner taking care of our daily chores so that the floor will always be “clean” when we get home. LoL. In the most recent piece of reporting by CNA, SAF invested a lot in AI and robotics to engage in modern warfare. The self-driving vehicles will soon ply the roads of Singapore in not too distant future…

Ya, even when u go to restaurants etc, a quick glance and u will notice 90% looking at their Devices

On the roads also some will look at their phones whilst crossing the road

I have seen drivers watching videos on their phones while driving. I was driving so I couldn’t take out my phone to take a pic.

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