HDR 10+ better than JVC Frame Adapt HDR

In Projector Central’s review of the JVC NP5, a lower cost lamp based DILA, which like the LS12000B, has HDR10+, they observed the following:

I had the projector Content Type set to Auto, so it automatically was put into HDR10+ mode when the show began, but I wanted to see how it compared to JVC’s own dynamic tone mapping and spent some time flipping back and forth between the two modes by manually selecting them. The difference was incredibly minor—mostly in the amount of brightness of those drive plumes and explosions—and I was more than happy with either. But to my eye the HDR10+ edged out the dynamic tone mapping of Frame Adapt HDR. It’s not a completely unexpected result considering the HDR10+ metadata is mastered for the content specifically while the JVC is (to an exceptional degree) figuring it out as it goes. If anything, it’s a testament to the excellence of the NP5’s dynamic tone mapping.

This has strong implications for what many of us have also noticed. That LLDV Dolby Vision does a wonderful job of tone mapping with projectors through HD Fury adapters and our Apple TV’s, UHD players and Firesticks.