HDMI 2.1 - is it ready?

For those upgrading their AVR, you might wanna take note on the hdmi 2.1 port issues facing many at the moment

Apparently there are 2 versions of this, one implementation that does uncompressed signal, and another that does compressed signal

The chips inside Denon , Marantz, Yamaha’s uses chips from Panasonic that only supports compressed signal. Whilst the Xbox series X, PlayStation 5 and Nvidia uses uncompressed signal

The results are blank black screen

Another friend of mine, regretted selling his Denon 3600 for the 3700. He is facing tons of drop out issues now

Take note

Here is the explanation from FOMO

This appears to be a hardware issue, not something that can be fixed with a firmware upgrade

That’s the risk for the early adopters

If you have watched that video, you might be wondering who is at fault ? AVR or the chip maker , in this case Panasonic

Here is what’s happening with the new denon 3700 when connected using its hdmi 2.1 port

Apparently it has been reported that the problems are with 4k 120fps, 8k video, but it looks like tons of other dropout issues when connected to its hdmi 2.1 port

Most probably i won’t upgrading to 2.1 since my picture and audio are of different path meaning 1 hdmi out for picture and the other for audio. Atm my tv also not supporting 8k unless with 2.1 it does make SQ another few notch up. By the time 2.1 become mature think most of us would have already change to new avr.

Hello mr ken !! Welcome!

Yes for sure, it’s not worth upgrading now. Better to play the waiting game.

Spot on not much content

Word is that the full uncompressed hdmi 2.1 chip will not be ready until end of 2021
So it’s a long wait. If there is any intention for an upgrade, it will be year 2022 mid to end

For now, sit back and enjoy the current system with 4k, Atmos HDR and BEQ

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well, looks like gotta wait till next year before things get stable

There always a risk for early adopters.

Yes, apparently both Denon and Yamaha AVR with HDMI 2.1 had utilise the same HDMI 2.1 chipset from Panasonic. And it does seems that it cannot be fixed by a firmware update or so I read…so Sound United may be forced to recall the early models with HDMI 2.1. I agreed it is too early to jump on the 8K bandwidth but for gamers, the VRR with 10bit HDR is something that are looking forward to. Furthermore, Xbox Series X will not be using hardware-based DV, instead it will be using LLDV like Sony A1 and Zidoo Z9X which are player-led. Results may not be as good as a TV-led DV. So buyer beware…

Ya spot on desray , I concur.

Can’t wait now to test out the next Gen console Xbox series x, using HD fury to spoof LLDV

Digress a bit, read that the new Xbox has heat issue. Not sure if it is legit. Just take note for early adopters

It is always the same problem , when it is new .

Here is a video on that is good by Linus tech tips, some hdmi cables tested. As usual, I wouldn’t recommend the monoprice and I have said it many times in previous xtremeplace forum, the quality is just :zipper_mouth_face::zipper_mouth_face:…….

See the video and u will understand…

Also why 2m / 6 foot works best !

Personally I have found moshou, zeskit, hd fury to make good hdmi cables

So if u r out shopping for one, u might wanna consider these Brands…. Others might be good too if user feedback is positive

Kabledirect also recommended

Yes I concur, apart from Kabeldirekt

These are recommended

  1. Cable Matters
  2. Celerity Tek
  3. Moshou
  4. Zeskit
  5. HD Fury

These have all been tested and mostly effective and fit for purpose

Personally I’m using moshou fiber and zeskit copper

Others all I have no experience

Belkin not bad too but no long lengths. So far very steady for handshake /compatibility.

Gotta test it with movies that require a high bandwidth , until u do that, everything is ok and smooth

4k, chroma 4:2:2, 12bit , 60fps… those sort of content that requires bandwidth about 17.8gbps and from there we will know if the cable meets its specs

Those 24fps movies require less bandwidth, so not too bad, won’t be able to tell if there is any issues with the cable

Here is a sample when hdmi cable is not able to carry the bandwidth

As u can see above, it flickers and goes back on and off… that above :point_up_2:t2: u r seeing, is mainly a problem of the hdmi cable

New HDMI 2.1a featuring source based tone mapping…sounds to me like a LLDV implemented regardless of source support. This is definitely exciting news.

GSMArena.com: Upcoming HDMI 2.1a spec to add source-based tone mapping for HDR content - GSMArena.com news.
Upcoming HDMI 2.1a spec to add source-based tone mapping for HDR content - GSMArena.com news

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