This disaster movie is entertaining enough to warrant a watch. Good PQ and a really terrific SQ that will knock your socks off. Excellent demo material!

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I like his movies, very nice. Looks like we will have a sequel to the “Has Fallen” trilogy , upcoming will be “ Night has Fallen”

Greenland no atmos yet right?

No…DTS HD MA 5.1 but the overhead is as good as Atmos! Tone down your volume otherwise your neighbours will not like it.

Yup. I’m surprise this doesn’t come with Dolby Atmos or DTS X flag. But like what Francis mentioned, the native DTS-HD MSTR sound mix was quite engaging in terms of surrounds and occasional overheads (using DSP modes like Neural X Or DSU) and provides enough rumbles for bass lovers.

You get a lot of bass heavy stuff when you see Gerrard butler stars in the movie, den of thieves , hunter killer, has fallen trilogy, 300 to name a few… most of his movies are nice, love his voice also, very good and suave looking

Just finished watching. Indeed a lot of bass and rumbling. Not the best storyline but truly enjoyed the bassy sound mix.

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