Grab b4 it's gone. Good 77" LG G1 OLED deal on carousell

Pretty good price for a 77" G1 that is 1.5 year old.

I would have jumped at it if not because i have a well calibrated 77" c1 already.

Grab b4 its gone if u are looking for a bigger sized oled that is relatively still new. Rare to come by at this price.

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G1 maChiam don’t have 5yrs ley…

Thanks @Ed.YANG.

Strange. LG announced it lei. Does this mean it does not apply to SG’s sets?

different market different insurance package.

SG consumers generally… carrotheads of global market.

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Agreed with Ed.YANG. Singapore market warranty is the worst imo. Take JVC projector as an example. In US market, it is at least 2 yrs or more but in Singapore, JVC only provide a standard 1 yr for their flagship projectors. Only in the latest NZ series did they provide up to 2 yrs.

It seems the number of warrnaty period is based on the market region for some display manufacturers. I will not be surprised that LG only provides 2 yrs max.

Some articles mentioned the extended 5y warranty is for UK and US. So maybe, SG dont have…?

SG LG OLED usually comes with 3y warranty, which is quite good.