Gladiator II trailer

Frankly, I’m not feeling it.

Me too.

I feel they reveal too much in the trailer too.

And that techno soundtrack is out of place for a movie like Gladiator. I just can’t take it seriously.

Haha yes. The music just doesn’t cut it.

Hope the actual movie sound tracks will be better

It’s made more difficult that the movie and the male lead has large shoes to fill from part 1. Part 1 is legendary!

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Me too.
I feel they reveal too much in the trailer too.[/quote]
too much reveal?
here’s a more conservative U.S. trailer

less wet, with dry ground battle, this time round, the beast gets BIGGER!!!

I wonder what’s wrong with using the same theme song/sound track of the first one? Same as a Rocky, Starwars or Jurassic franchise where they reused the score in all their sequels.

“Are you not entertained?”

I thought it look amazing and I am so down for this.

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I guess I’m not the only one who hated the choice of the soundtrack for “this” trailer.

Maybe not Hans Zimmer anymore?

Yep. Confirmed not Hans Zimmer doing the scoring for this new Gladiator movie.

He is another composer that worked with Ridley Scott for a few movies and one of them is Kingdom of Heaven. Forgot his name but you can google him.

hint: if u have great impressions on “periodic style” opening score to Kingdom of Heaven, u’ll have rough idea how “periodic” G2 may sound.

the composer that Ridley works with this time, is considerably… … …a veteran partner with Ridley for 4 films in the past. G2 will be his 5th… if i’m not wrong.

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