Furutech’s NCF Clear Line

Recently, I had the opportunity to upgrade the power connectors on the Xbox series X, using Furutech’s Figure 8, NCF connectors . In the process of upgrading, I realised a huge improvement to the sound quality.

Curious, I dived in deeper to the furutech NCF tech. So I got this in first , the NCF clear Line

Info here New NCF Clear Line AC Optimizer | FURUTECH

I won’t be diving too much into the details, that’s all over the web.

Before buying, I thought, if it didn’t work out, I can just let it go at carousell. I plugged in 2 pieces one each to plixir cube 4 (source equipment), another into Plixir elite 3000 (amplifiers)….

Instantly the sound quality was so smooth I was very impressed. The accessories are not like the iFi, greenwave, ansuz or other cleaning stuff. This one works differently , it’s a passive device that improves the set up by introducing negative ions.

Actually they should not call this signal booster. It doesn’t boost anything. Rather it takes away the static, Maybe they should call it static depleter… lol

Signal boosters seems to send the wrong impression like it is boosting something artificially. This one different, it balance up the electrons , which is diminishing each time, the negative ions. That’s why I found why the sound so smooth sounding

The improvement is like when u buy a new driver, u play the songs… the bass sounds a bit stiff…. After 1-2 months, the drivers run in, then it sounds smoother. You get that type of smoothness. But this one is happening in midrange and upper frequencies, so it takes away a lot of the fatigue signature

1 thing I have noticed is that no matter how good the set up, there is something called a “static build up”. This static built up is very much prevalent in digital interconnects especially hdmi cables. It also carries on with it on the speaker cables when in contact with carpet type materials. These are all positive ions being picked up by the accessories , the digital and speaker or power cables. No matter how good the system does in cleaning the noise in the power, this static cannot be eliminated with that. That is why the NCF furutech is so effective. Because it is complementing the system by introducing “negative ions”… so I’m very sure in every set up, with the NCF in, should benefit in some way

Our accessories, are losing “negative ions”, that is why it is left with a lot of positive ions. Exactly same like the balloon or ruler exercise. When we rub it; it will make your hair on your hand stand up

This process will always be a constant, meaning it will always remain there, because electrons always like to hop across to anything it comes in contact with. This is the reason why we are seeing people use cable lifters. Because the sole purpose of the lifters are to avoid the the cables “negative ions” from jumping into the floor or carpet . Retaining the negative ions will bring balance to the sound quality.

So this one I found that doesn’t suck out the energy, if there is anything, the energy is back ! The other way round. It doesn’t take away anything . It just introduces negative ions to restore the balance of the electrons in the electrical chain, that’s why it is passive in nature… to some extent

I got in a few booster brace, some second hand from others. It is working beautifully on my set up

Almost as described by this Malaysian Reviewer. I have the same experience as him

Here is my new booster brace

Like this, so it prevents cables from sagging down, affecting its connections . The area in black where the cables touches, has a lot of positive ions hopping across onto it and the negative ions go into the cables…. The more the cable “touches” this black thing, the more it is exposed to the negative ions

I’ve used the single on the Oppo 205

And some at plixir section

The system quality is first class now ! Buttery smooth sounding, detailed , 3D like, bass is damn bloody good

Beware of adding too much of these, one has to balance it

The NCF material works by increasing damping which results in lowered impedence with the cable , which is why we hearing a nice energy level going up. Lotsa oomph!!

But too much of oomph may not be to ones liking, u will need to find that sweet spot gradually adding it.

Enjoy !!

Do share your experience , I love it on my set up, 1st class

The signal booster looks like this below


If you are redoing your dedicated wall sockets for your hifi or HT, this is highly recommended, NCF

Becareful where you buy it from, best get it from authorised distributor, lotsa fake from aliexpress and eBay…

Holiao! Enjoy ! :wink:

Oh ya, I forgot to mention a very important point.

One way to really test such accessories in the set up is to gradually add each item where necessary and then listen to the differences . There is also a difference when more of the surface area comes in contact with the cables, the damping increases

One will need to find that sweet spot. Once you have found that sweet spot, listen for two weeks to a month. Then try and remove it from the set up, listen again for another 2 weeks or so, you should be able to tell which and what you prefer . It works for some, doesn’t for others. Even if it works for others, one may not like the sound. A lot of us are very used to the sound we hear day in day out. Like myself, I’m very much into ribbon tweeters signature when it comes to tweeters, and for bass, I’m love the “bouncy” bass and less punchy type of signature. So to each their own when it comes to characteristics of sound

This exercise is slightly different in the sense that you are not looking at hearing or listening to something that doesn’t exists or the details or the extended highs etc etc. What this stuff does is it provides that tonal balance in smoothness, at least that’s what I found out after trying it

Happy experimenting and enjoy the set up ! I’m loving it , and I’m using only 2 NCF clear line both in the plixir elite and cube 4

This year I’ve spent quite a fair bit of time dialing in stereo. I will share along the way how I improve the set up for stereo

Came across this video, shows how the “oomph” levels goes up as he adds on the NCF 1 by 1…

This balance is something only you will know in your own set up…

Too much of anything is not necessarily good, too less and it’s dull and dry. You and only u will know what u r after. That is also provided if you know what you are after. Until then, the focus should be working towards getting the placement of the speakers right, integrating them, room acoustics, vibration control, Room criterion, etc etc

This is more for those who are there at the final stages and wants to tweak the balance on the system , the NCF is a good starting point

Wow even video looks extremely smooth on screen, fantastic stuff!! Brilliant

I have watched this video many times, with the NCF in the set up, unbelievably smooth even for pic quality !

Nothing changed on the BenQ set up, but video has improved! , very smooth and I’m hearing details never heard before on the same clip


Holy friholy… on 135” damn nice !

Good stuff indeed this NCF thing from furutech , first time I’m seeing the improvement on YouTube

That’s the new accessory from furutech

Looks really good as far as design goes

For the audiophiles

Love the quality of the furutech, it is very very good IMO

My first batch just arrived, NCF furutech

Time to go crazy for subwoofers… loading this on all subwoofer and mains…

The Japanese mentions it as “ it doesn’t amplify, it reveals”

Having used a few in the past, I was convinced . But It didn’t occur to me how about these on subwoofers ?

So ya, I’m about to find out

4x f18, and 2x line array… let’s see…