From 2024, will "NIT Picking" be one criteria to consider when getting a new home display?

TCL X955 with 5000+ nits?
move over…

…it’s HiSense UX to outshine u!


the first contestant of the “Battle of the NITs”…

[2023] Hisense UX ULED X 4K Mini LED Smart TV 65 75 85 inch | Mini LED X | Hi View Engine X | 5000+ Zones | Dynamic X Display | CineStage X Surround | 82W Audio Power | 144Hz VRR | Dolby Vision IQ & Atmos | HDR10+ Adaptive | Filmmaker Mode | IMAX Enhanced | Lazada Singapore?

…comes from HiSense, scheduled to arrive at the end of this month! while TCL is still in the process of confirming it’s X955 flight schedule.
price wise, HiSense put a 5 digit number on their “biggest” build 85inch make. while in the last Comex, TCL leaks that theirs will be 4 digit priced… maybe the latter is booking the “economy class flight” which is why their schedule of arrival is unclear? :grin:

when “NIT PICKING” becomes an assessment to determine one’s character…

…which one will u be?

Hyper-realistic? or Purist?

TCL’s X955 to take on HiSense UX…

…not only on NITs number, but also on price!

SGD$9876.45 for the 98" TCL
SGD$6987.45 for the 85" TCL
Not Bad Pricing…

HiSense got beaten by 13inch in size, as well as Google OS…

…so as price when compete @ 85inch.

SGD$10099 for the 85" HiSense

it’s still under on hold for sales…

…over @ Courts. HiSense might, adjust their price after someone sees this post. after all, HiSense lose in the competition in 3 fields i pointed.

TCL’s latest drop…
螢幕擷取畫面 (357)
…probably getting ready to cut down on inventory stockhold to give way to C755 and C955 upcoming shipments.
$2.5K for 65"(lower by 500)*
$3.4K for 75"(lower by 600)*
*in number, compare to Aussie list price.

very, very, competitively priced against European list price…
螢幕擷取畫面 (359)
…to me it’s a surprise, as most mainstream marques would tend to set their RRP very high here in SG to juice consumers.
this time round, TCL wins… all the way till CNY’24, a period when potential buyers looking to get new addition to homes for the new year.

uuh ooh~~~

the first victim to fall in “NIT WAR” could be…OLED!!!

so… the “NIT WAR” had begun!

…or is it so?
where’re the ready made products available for consumers acquisition?

miniLED TV still holding the top position of “NIT Score”, spearheaded by the 2 Chinese Giants, and they’re still going on to score more on the NIT numbers. what’s holding the OLED technology back, will still be the screen burning hurdle that they have to jump over.

how much…

…is too much?

new models had been launched in China 1wk ago.

previously, the domestic X11G which is sold globally as X955, QM891G in North American market…

…now replaced by X11H, which is speculated to be market as X965 globally when global launch is expected to be the next CES’25. for more details about the new improvements, click the link above.

here’s a brief glance on the upgrades…

(picture source)

…over the X11G/X955.

while most eyes falls on the new models roll out by domestic competitor TCL, it doesn’t mean that HiSense is slacking behind. HiSense is simply… quietly launching MYr’24 products layer by layer while waiting for the competitor to push out their “big guns”.

Hisense had recently introduced a budget 120Hz panel model, priced in entry level.

the S59 series, with high refresh rate capability across all inputs.

will this model with such specification come ashore with miniLED backlight?
which range will it fall in global market? we may have to observe and see… personally, my guess is that this might “qualify” to be in the U6N range where HiSense SG will continue to play with U6N and U6N-Pro which splits between DLED and miniLED backlight tech.

in the mid-high end, coming Friday will see the announcement and launch of…

…new U8N in China Domestic Market.

so far not much details on the new model improvements yet, with exception on the mention of new “NIT and Dimming Zone” height achievement from the link above. more technical infos should be revealed on Friday.