Freq response with or without Audyssey

Hi all need advice as per title. I did a audio sweep using YouTube and hp app and the pics are what I gotten. It seems that audyssey has create a big suck out from 150~300hz in the frequency response, whereas without audyssey, the frequency response looks pretty decent. I had seen this broad dip when I was doing audio sweeps for sub+L/R integration and always thought the KEF 3001 satellite speakers had early roll off. Only now that I had done the audio sweep with or without audyssey that I found out audyssey is the culprit. So do you think I should turn off audyssey?
PS- I know it’s not accurate using YouTube videos and hp for measurement

There are many settings on audyssey which will affect your measured freq response. Useful to provide more details.

Are dyn vol and dyn eq setting ON or OFF?

What setting is your audyssey curve? Ie. REFERENCE /FLAT / etc?

Speakers config - are they set as LARGE or SMALL?

What is your xover freq on your mains?

Which mains speaker is this freq response measured with? Is it FL+FR+subs or FL+subs or FR+ subs?

Why don’t u measure it using rew and a “proper” mic, or what desray mentioned? :slight_smile: need to make sure the app + the mic is accurate so that what u are seeing is accurate.

Read my article on the use of the Audyssey editor app and a nifty utility styled, ratbussedy here;: Everything about Audyssey Calibration that you need to know - #4 by desray

All dyn vol/eq off. Both flat and ref gave the same broad dip, the pic is done with flat. Speakers are set to small with xo 90hz for FL/FR and the rest all 120hz.
The freq responses shown are FL+FR+sub. I have previously done sweep FL+sub and FR+sub all shows same broad dip.

Thanks will go thru them

Finally bought a Dayton umm6 mic for measurements but there’s only 1 calibration file for download no 90 deg file like what’s shown on YouTube tutorials. Can this file be used for upright mic position? Anyone has experience with this mic? Thanks

Did you check with the seller or Dayton itself? Maybe the 90 degree mic cal file is the default and preloaded into the mic?