Finally......TCL Flagship Store in Singapore

So good news is TCL is clearly going to try to win our market. Fantastic news! After the likes of Panasonic and Philips pulling out of our market (TVs) this is great news. TCL is a brand that is really pushing the likes of Sony, LG, Samsung etc for features & technology in their sets while offering a very competitive price. TCLs line-up just behind their flagship range is the really interesting one, they don’t really miss out on many features & hardware specs compared to their flagship model (not the case for Sony, LG, Samsung) but offer a far greater value for money.

The new flagship TCL store is located in Northpoint Yishun. Surprisingly they have lots of other home appliances lined-up for launch for our region too, pretty much everything they make, including Air-Con. The store is now fully open. Hopefully the X955 goes on sale & delivery soon, we can see real reviews for the flagship miniLED model soon.

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That model 809/98 in your screenshot is their 3rd tier OLED model for 2024, 2 step just behind their flagship OLED model. It will never make it to our shores. The 2023 version of this, the 808/98, was also listed in Philips SG website last year, but was never sold here & eventually removed from the local website. This is just their 3rd tier Oled model, their flagship TV Oled 959 model & 2nd tier oled 909 will not even be mentioned in SG website.

I currently use Philips flagship FALD TV from 2019, I have been wanting to buy their 2nd tier OLED TV, local dealers in Best Denki, HN, Courts all told me Philips are leaving the TV market in SG & only limited models available, the range of available model is reducing every year, i enquired directly with Philips TV Singapore too, they simply just said that model won’t be available in SG and can’t even confirm what models will be sold here in SG from their 2024 range.

So good luck finding their flagship OLEDs or even their 2nd tier OLED models in SG for sale. Their mini LED tvs, again their flagship model…i doubt will make it to our shores irrespective of them being shown on their websites or not.

i wouldn’t doubt that u’re right on the specific model in the screen cap may not be able to come ashore. as record shown in the regulating bodies clearly shows that only the 7#9 series for launch in year’24 below…

on ur direct enquiry to PHILIPS, if u look back closely on their reply, they say that they can’t confirm on the availability on the models planned/listed. their words don’t carry a direct and clear message, only through regulating bodies records we can see what was sent for assessment and test for certification, then allowed to be sold in local market. should they’re pulling out, the 3-International big retailers like Harvey, Courts and Best Denki should tear the respective floor space to give way to other marques that would be sharing bigger profits in form of commissions, thru selling the replacing marque products.

i had heard SHARP also pulling of from local market, hence their product “refresh rate” is seemingly low over the last 2yrs. oddly, i still see newer records of new models sent to the 2 regulating bodies above for assessment and certification… are they pulling out?

words/rumors/gossips cannot be proven unless thru some records, proved so.
i don’t really see any potentials that PHILIPS continues to send new models for assessment and certification if those product will not be sold locally, if initial costs is involved. however… volume availability will be a different condition to turn the situation around.

7#9 is not even their 3rd tier OLED range. So basically they list a lot of tvs on the local website but only a few make it to our market. Go to Courts Online & see Philips Oled tvs, they only have ##7 models available, that is from 2022. Like I said, I know this for a fact because I have been buying Philips TVs for my own personal use and for my parents place, I have been looking for specific models to purchase & have failed to find them in our market for the past 2 years.

With every passing year, the number of models that make it here is less and less, last year a well reputed TV salesman in COURTS Ang Mo Kio told me they are leaving the TV market in Singapore. He said the same about Panasonic before pana even official announced it.

If I am not wrong Courts no longer has a Philips corner in their showrooms for TVs like they do for Samsung, LG, Sony. Neither do Harvey Norman at my place, though it’s not the flagship outlet.

Anyway you are totally missing the point i was making in my OG tweet, it’s a good thing TCL are expanding in SG slowly given that the TV market has been going on the opposite trend since Covid, with Panasonic pulling out, Philips ‘rumoured’ to pull out eventually & cutting down significantly what models they bring to our shores, it’s good TCL are here for good.
And it’s such a shame because I think Panasonic and Philips make some really good TVs, especially their higher end models.

TCL discussion is not so active here in AVDisco as well as HiFive. but rather stirred up some interest in HWZ, most recently with TCL’s warranty issues and bummers that drawn some attentions to put in their 2cts of comments.
TCL will have to do something to boost up their reputation on liabilities if they bother to look at those “claims” brought up in social medias… such as forums.
TCL no doubt have new models up in their sleeves. however the locals have bigger impressions on their TV/Display products than other home appliance products. i had went to NorthPoint TCL showroom before, less than 10 display models were on display that would hold me there to stay for 20mins or so. eventually i go to Harvey too look at more models display from other makes.

Courts online, as well as Harvey Norman and Best Denki alike have 2023’s OLED708 listed, it’s just that they’re limited @ 55/65 option available only.
PHILIPS floor area in AMK Courts branch had shrunk to just few models by placing here and there, while SONY and HiSense is “flexing” their influence by taking up more areas with displays.
in Tampines branch, PHILIPS “floor” is still there will numbers of models on display, with PHILIPS subbrand AOC blended in with their 65inch model.
in TPY branch, the whole side wall that previously displays PHILIPS makes is still taken by PHILIPS, but few “space” invaded by other brands.
in Orchard branch, previously(that was about 6mths back since my last visit), SHARP had their displays placed around a pillar, while PHILIPS occupies another pillar. maybe i should make some time to go there to get an update on PHILIPS situation…

PHILIPS presence in both Best Denki and Harvey Norman had shrunk undeniably… but does it mean they’re pulling out? maybe there are some negative signs or impression to some, if u had looked at both Malaysia and Indonesia website where only last year’s model as well as older ones are listed, u might believe as well that PHILIPS is pulling out from local market. i would see it in another way, low sales and demand equals less profit to bear the cost of taking floor space, but it wouldn’t mean the brand is dying.

should the international retail trio is not going to promote PHILIPS wholeheartedly… i guess the other option for PHILIPS sales team would be the local trio which have the scale and floor area to promote that brand, GainCity, AudioHouse and LionCity. or else, do it the PRISM+ way!

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