Finally it's here! The Sonos headphones with spatial and atmos audio!

Super exciting! I was v impressed by it’s sound bar sq.

Gonna buy one to test! hahaha…

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Another review!

I am sooooo excited! Hope it can beat my Sony HW700DS for movies!

And make my night movie watching more enjoyable!

Sounds v promising!

A YouTube review! I really hope they can bring the movie watching surround sound to another level!

They have a True Cinema feature which will be available soon! And it claimed to have head tracking for surround sound.

I believe it will be ground breaking! Because when Sonos launch new products, it usually takes the market by the storm!

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Sounded like you are definitely getting one when its available :smile:

Yes! Haha

It’s at a good price point! Not like the jvc exofield which cost about $1k+!

Think it will really give sony, bose and apple a headache cos it challenges their flagship headphones!

This open can concept with removable ear pads reminds me of Apple’s Airpods Max.

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i wouldn’t be surprised, who…

…locally would be the first to get his hands on one!