Fast X the tenth and last Fast & Furious!

Cant wait to watch this big screen in the cinema!

In every iteration, the action sequence keeps getting crazier.

Just watched this at IMAX!
One word EXPLOSIVE! and it’s never the last ! :slight_smile:

The opening scene is my all time favourite F&F series. SQ is superb.
Revenger factor rocks!


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I read some reviews from some movie sites that the dialogue is cringy but the action made up for it. I won’t be catching it in the theater as I’m not really a car lover but I’ll definitely get the disc when it is out.

Just finished watching the 4K disc. I didn’t catch it in theatre when its released. I would say not bad…looking forward to the sequel. The image quality is very good, lots of pyrotechnics involved…expect flames, explosions and combustions all around. Unfortunately, the Dolby Atmos sound mix is a bit of a letdown. There isn’t much infrasonic bass like the previous films but overall it is still way better than most Disney Atmouse mix.

Wasted…it could have been a demo worthy material to showcase both sound and visual.

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so happened that I also watched it this afternoon, not bad, picture quality is fantastic, sound quality not bad as well, plot is getting crazier and crazier, and it’s never ending…trilogy har, lol…