Fantasy HT evolution series

Hello Friends,

Things a bit quiet on the forum recently, especially on the HT forum.

I’ve had this idea at the back of my mind for a while. Put it here and kick it around, see what it becomes.

This is a concept of constantly upgrading HT setup, mainly on the speakers and subs. It starts with L1, and currently is topped at L6. I have some ideas about a L7, but hahaha

Maybe others would like to chip in on the other aspects, in a similar evolutionary Level manner. It would also be interesting to think about what are examples of gears that are suitable for each level.

Please don’t take this too seriously, and remember to have fun!!

  • displays
  • avr/processor
  • amps
  • cables
  • acoustic treatment

Level 1

Mains - L1 bookshelf
Sub - L1 subs jbl 550p, rsl 10s

Level 2

Mains - upgrade to L2 towers
Side surrounds - L1 bookshelf from mains
Center - L2 3 way emotive svs kef Coax etc center speaker. Important to get good one because this cannot trickle upgrade

Sub - add a L2 sub SB3000 / PB3000, rsl 12, hsu 12 or 15, dual starke 12 or 15 1 for 1 deal

Level 3

Center - same
Mains - upgrade L3 towers
Sides - L2 towers from mains
Surrounds - L1 bookshelf from sides

Subs - Add another L2 sub SB3000 or more.
Move L1 sub 550p and/or rsl 10 to center and mains support

Level 4

Center - Upgrade L4 center
mains. Supported by L2 sub SB3000 class
Mains - Upgrade L4 towers high quality. Supported by L2 SB3000 class sub
Sides - L3 towers from mains. Supported by L1 sub rsl 10 class
Back - L2 towers from Sides. Sell L1 bookshelf. Supported by L1 rsl 10 class sub

Sub - L4 sub rythmik F18 class . Duals, quads

Level 5

Center - L5 endgame (hifi) center. Supported by F18 class sub
Mains - L5 endgame mains towers, supported by L4 F18 class subs
Sides - L4 mains towers, supported by L2 SB3000 class subs. Sell rsl 10 class sub.
Back - L3 mains towers. Supported by L2 SB3000 class sub.

Subs - L5 JTR / perlisten / Ascendo class subs.

Level 6

Center - L6 pro cinema center. Ascendo /Alcons /Meyersound /Krix. Support with L4 subs Rythmik F18 class

Mains - L6 pro cinema. Mains. Support with L4 subs

Sides and backs - L6 pro cinema surrounds. Support with L4 subs.

LFE subs. - L5 subs in bass array /waveforming on front and back walls.
L6 ULF class 24in 32in 50in subs.

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Yes, let’s have some fun. :smile:

Subs category

L1 subs
Best in class subs $5-600 range. Eg rsl 10, Hsu VTF3 etc. Starke SW12. Rel 1205 is a bit out of this range, but a quad could be a very good choice for the L4 /L5 usage.

L2 subs
Best in class subs $1k range. Eg SB3000, RSL12 etc

L3 subs
Duals or quads L2 subs

L4 subs
Best in class $2-3k subs. Eg Rythmik F18, JL E112

L5 subs
Open category liau. Up to 18in, JTR, Perlisten, G213,

Not many in this. 21in and 24in Funk/harbottle audio, Stereo integrity HS24. One audio HT24, Mach 5 24 and 32in, Ascendo 24, 32, 50, 100in subs.

Let’s try with some examples. Just mains and subs to keep it less messy.

At L2, after some time with L1, get the feel, know what you want. A very nice mains would be a pair of Arendal 1723 THX S 6in MTM monitors.

Actually these are more L3 mains… But planning ahead for L3 upgrade.
L2 subs - Pair of RSL 10. Pair of starke SW12 - there’s 1 for 1 offer less than 1k a pair.

L3 mains - another pair of L2 mains, arendal 1723 THX S monitors, now matching front and sides.
Back surround mixed, but proportionately much less content there.
L3 subs, another pair of RSL 10 or Starke SW12.

L4 upgrade is when it gets interesting. I would go with Perlisten R5M, similar MTM monitor. Or the Arendal 1723 THX 8in MTM.

Now L4 sides and backs are matching arendal 1723 THX S.
L4 Subs, a pair of JL 112, rythmik F18 etc.
The Quad RSL 10 or Starke SW12, 1 pair for the front LR mains, 1 pair for the back, supporting surrounds. If you are not familiar, check out the various REL sub videos.

L4.5. Still itchy backside, went a full quad of JL 112, etc no problem. 4 subs LFE is great.

L5 upgrade is when it gets really interesting.
Before that, let’s see some examples of speakers to see what I’m driving at.
The RTJ speaker

RBH speaker

What these speaker have in common is a pair of active subs above and below the mid high speaker module in the middle.

So - a level 5, time to join the big boys.
A quad of JTR, a quad of Perlisten subs.
What do we do with the 4x L4 JL 112?
Now they stack with the Perlisten R5M monitor SMTMS style.

Similarly, the 4 surrounds Arendal 1973 THX S can each sit on one of the quad L3 sub, RSL 10 or SW12 etc.

Those crazy RTJ and RBH speakers aren’t not that out of reach. With the amount of $$ spent of various side- grades, one could very realistically approach something similar with a strategically planned upgrade process.

Now this is getting silly…

But at L6, if one still loves buying new subs, the quad L5 subs can go to the back wall to be the absorbing array.

And a new quad monster set, RS2, D215s, on the front wall to complete the waveforming setup.

The JBL 550P makes a very interesting L1 sub. At $200 each on sale, one could very easily go with 8 of them… 2 each for the side and back surrounds full stack.

The arendal 1961 monitor is incredibly compact, measures incredibly well with low distortion.
Paired with the JBL 550p, would make very budget friendly, yet very potent side and back surround arrays.

JBL 550P for bass array anyone?

Another example of big, endgame type speaker that we can emulate with the progressive upgrade path I described. WMTMW style.