EverSolo DMP-A6 Streamer with DAC

Have been playing with this device since last week and I am very impressed by the sound quality of this Streamer with built-in DAC. EverSolo is a sister company of Zidoo which focused on audiophile grade products.

Anyone using this?

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Article: EverSolo DMP-A6 Streamer and DAC Review. INSANE! |

Definitely looks very cool. Like one of those expensive NAD streamers with the LCD display. Since you won’t normally be pressing buttons or the touchscreen on the unit and using the app, a lot depends on the quality of the app as your main interface. My criteria would also be how well the app deals with say, DSD files on a server, and how good those sound. My Bluesound Node played files off a USB drive well, but when playing the same files off a NAS, the sound quality deteriorated. So there are many subtleties when dealing with streamers. Looks like it is Roon Ready, but how does it handle Audirvana via uPnP?

If you don’t need a touchscreen interface on the unit, the WIIM Mini or Pro have been making big waves as a perfect low cost streamer for about $100+. Although it’s built in DAC is basic, it provides bit perfect output via optical to an external DAC and has a good app. I’m even able to use it to send DSD files to the DAC over uPnP from Audirvana.

How much is the Eversolo in Singapore?

$1,099 with 1TB of NVMe SSD (promotion). I got this from a Carousell seller who is a distributor for EverSolo locally.

Let’s talk about the negatives of this streamer.

  • No remote. It’s either you download the EverSolo controller app (iOS and Android) or use the big 6" touch screen to navigate. It turns out EverSolo is aware of the gripe from customers and will be releasing a rather cheapo-looking remote control (see below)

  • Absence of eARC. The HDMI only output Audio.
  • HDMI audio only limited to PCM 2.0/Multi-Ch and DSD 2.0/Multi-Ch. No Dolby Atmos decoding since it does not allow passthrough.

Apart from the 3 negatives I have mentioned, the sound quality is pretty awesome.

so happen that I’m also looking for a streamer recently, DMP-A6 is one of the streamers I’m eying for as well. I’m considering either DMP-A6 or Matrix Element S, both are very hot streamers in China now, however, seems matrix element is not available in Singapore, and $1099 is a very good price for DMP-A6, thanks for recommendation bro, I might give a try to DMP-A6, :grinning:

Yes, it can do Airplay from my Macbook Air to the DMP-A6. Here are the screenshots.

This Streamer is selling like hotcakes here. Currently all sold out. The next batch of stock coming in mid July.

ya, I found it supports airplay so I deleted the post, nevertheless, thanks for the confirmation!

A friend just now chatted with me and wondering why I do not consider minidsp SHD, I did a quick research, seems it is another good option too, which comes with Dirac…

One thing I found rather odd. The built-in Apple Music provided by DMP-A6 sounded much much better compared to Airplay streaming from Macbook Air. This is something to take note of.

the Apple Music is online stream or play local music from SSD?


how about playing local music from SSD vs. MacBook airplay, same quality or the former much better too?

Playback from local SSD and NAS sounded very very good. If you have a Macbook, you can download the EverSolo Controller app and control the DMP-A6 directly from the Macbook.

Make sure to activate this option in the app where we can use touch pad + Option key to act like a touch screen.

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Good for me to start ripping my CDs and store in this baby. I have been using since may till now.

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seems DMP-A6 not able to use subwoofer for 2.1 setup (analog out only limit to 2.0), is it?

yes. that’s correct. There is no dedicated LFE out.

Thanks for confirmation bro Desray! Seems minidsp shd is the only option now…. I managed to get a 2nd hand shd reserved for me, to collect this Saturday.

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congrats on the new toy. Do post your review here when u are done.

sure, will post my impression. However, it’s my bedroom setup for very casual listening only, so it may not be able to fully utilise the potential of shd. :slight_smile: