Electric Vehicle (EV) market is booming

First is Apple trying to get a piece of the EV pie from Tesla. And now, Xiaomi also joined in the foray and the most surprising revelation is the price tag. :smile:

Iā€™m pretty sure we will soon see Google and Samsung joining the EV race using the eponymous namesake. Who would have thought tech companies that has no knowledge of car manufacturing business venturing into the consumer car market. Well known car manufacturers like BMW, Ford, Honda, Suzuki, Toyota, Merz etc must be wondering too.

And then you will see some from kitchenAid, Mayer, WMF, Tefal, Caraway EV soon lol

World is changing. We just have the first deepfake of our PM Lee asking people to invest. :laughing:

Dyson almost setup EV car facility in Sg

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