Durian Season ! Happy Fathers Day

A Happy Fathers day to all bros here!
Any durians lovers here? Hunting later lol :slight_smile: If have lobang do share lol.

My fav : D24 , Jinfeng and MSW!


Too bad, I can’t stand durian smell but my bro-in-law love it. Here’s wishing every dad a Happy Father’s Day.


First Review:

Tried XO flavour
Looks is white cripsy , taste is top notch!
Creamy, bitterest with XO Wine alcholoish taste. SOLID !

Next might be Wang Zhong Wang , Black Pearl , normal MSW.

I got red prawn bro… It is sweet and slightly bitter.

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Yeah… I got it also… love it.
What else did you buy? feel want to try SF

The quality of Red Prawn is solid creamy ! Sweet end with bitterness.

Tekka creamy with slight flora taste!

D13 sweet creamy too!

This solid Black Gold MSW best.
Sticky, creamy bitter and small seed!

Wang Zhong Wang MSW
Drier but prefer Black Gold above. :slight_smile:

Black Pearl
This is one of the hottest favourite among bros.
Very creamy, special alcoholic bitterish and very pearl small size seed.

This is my all time favourite. D24 creamy very fleshy and alcholic\sweet combo

Cannot underestimate this.
Tried this MSW at Balestier side stall.
Damn solid . So creamy , flavourful and small seed VFM!

This looks like durian-porn… :rofl:

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