Dune HD Real Vision 4K Media Player

Very seldom we see the rival of Zidoo ever mentioned here in this forum. Let’s put a face to that name - Dune. This media player utilizes the same Realtek chipset (RL1619DR) as Zidoo Z9X. The user interface is very simple, actually too “simple” in 2021…

Thx for this topic. I saw this player when i googled about zidoo b4 i bought my zidoo. Seems like a great media player to beat.

But Seems like more popular overseas and not local?

It looks like better quality built . Any price indication ?

Price deterrent factor ? I recall this media player, it has been around for some years, it used to have sigma chipsets, was quite good also back then… only thing is pricey… maybe prices are lower now…

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