Dual subwoofer setup - Opposite corners OR front wall in-between FL & FR speakers?

Hey guys,

In a 5.1m x 4.8m room which placement is best for a dual subwoofer set-up? Diagonal corners or on the front wall just inside the FL & FR channels? Which will make the most use of a dual sub to even out the modal issues and give a smooth frequency response. I tried REW’s Room SIM, the diagonal corner placement did give a better one, but should I take it with a pinch of salt? I am planning to with dual REL HT1003 MK II.


I have experience with both placement. In the past, I would advise against placing 2 subwoofers in front in between the center and mains but ever since I placed my 2 M&K Sound X12 subs exactly in front (due to space constraints) and gotten good results, I am now more liberal with my answers. You should try all the tested placements for 2 subwoofers which you have already mentioned. Considering the REL HT1003 MKII not a behemoth subs, moving the subs to different locations and test it out should not be an issue for you.

BTW, that’s quite a big room you have there. :slight_smile:


Thanks man.

I guess I would have to experiment both the 1/4, 3/4 placement on the front wall and the FL corner, Rear right corner placement & see which one sounds better.

Looks like a squarish room.

If i dont remember wrongly, one problem with square rooms is that the room modes are at the similar frequencies for the length and width. E.g So if you place your subs to cancel say a 65Hz width mode, you’ll still have problems at 65Hz because it is also a length mode.

If your family allows, try all recommended sub placements on width and length to get the best out of your room like what bro @desray suggested.

Is it a dedicated room or living room setup? Does the room lead to any open corridors?

I mean it’s almost a square, yeah :face_with_peeking_eye:, There is a full feet difference between the length and width of the room, but I don’t think that makes much of a difference tbh :laughing:, so yeah it’s a square :face_with_peeking_eye:.

It’s not a dedicated room, it’s my living room. The room is open on the right hand side (2.8m wide opening) leading to the dining area and kitchen, there is a door on the rear left wall corner that leads to the master bedroom, it’s a solid wood door.

I do have to consider WAF in terms of subwoofer placement and exposed cables, so my choices are:

:white_check_mark: I can have them anywhere in the front wall, so front corners, front 1/4 & 3/4.

:white_check_mark: I can have them in the diagonal corners, FL & Rear right corners.

:x: I can’t exactly do midwalls along the length of the room because of the opening to dining & kitchen.

:white_check_mark: I probably can do midwalls of the width of the room though, just have to figure out how to do it in the front midwall with the centre channel speaker, rear midwall no issues.

Consider to get curtain, rug and CD/DVD/bluray rack. Best to put them there.
REW your room then you will know which frequencies are having deep dips.


Ah i see. Then not really square la. Since there is a wide opening to the dining and kitchen area, hope the room modes pertaining to same L and W wont affect u too much.

Posting a layout floor plan would help garner more targeted help from bros here :slight_smile:


Here is the layout. 7.2.4 is the plan, just need to figure out where the dual subs will give me the absolute best well integrated bass.


Yup, thick curtain to pretty much cover the entire left sidewall (windows), planning to get 3 meter wide thick rug as well.

Nice. how does your dining & kitchen floorplan look like; or what is the floor area there? so as to have a better visualisation of your entire room space that is openly connected to your listening area :slight_smile:

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This is basically the floor plan. :grimacing:

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Nice. The size of the space that your listening room opens to is huge! Guessing that the problems that come with squarish rooms could be minimised to a good extent!

You have a lovely house! I like. V spacious.

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Thank you :smiling_face:

Based on this, my gut feel is Front Left corner, and back Right corner.

Totally gut feel, i would rank the corners by the following from best to worse.
Front left
Back Left
Back Right
Front Right.

If you eventually get a 3rd matching Rel sub, i would go Front left, Front Right, and rear Left corners. Again gut feel … haha.

Will you have 4 independant sub outputs for delay and eq? And measurement capability to optimise?

Actually, the construction of the wall makes a difference to the corner loading response. What are the green and purple area walls. Are they at least brick / concrete, or stud and drywall construction?

If stud / drywall construction, please ask contractor to stuff with rockwool. Even 1 layer, 5cm thick wall, will be better stuffed than not stuffed.

Strangely, I too prefer front left corner & rear right corner :smile:, that’s my first choice. Will experiment 1/4 & 3/4 on the front wall too, see which one gives even bass across the seats, the front 1/4 & 3/4 will definitely be much easier to set-up, integrate & dial-in i believe.

I am not planning to get more than 2 subs, 2 is the max, highly likely will get the Onkyo RZ70, so will have dual independent subwoofer.

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The green is concrete wall, the purple will be drywall stuffed with acoustic insulation.

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Understand, is the idea that maximum 2 subs due to the AVR dual sub output limitation?

For dual front subs in front corners or front 1/4 and 3/4 placement, these can be combined into one output for delay and EQ, due to the symmetrical distance to MLP.

So with 2 independant sub outputs, you can do dual front subs, and one back corner left or right, depending which gives the best response.

Hope this helps!


Dual sub limitation is more due to WAF :smile:.

By the way any particular acoustic insulation available in our local SG market? Or is Rockwool Asia the standard option?