Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness (trailer)

And that “guy” is the long time friend and collaborator of Director Sam Raimi. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Oh ya, that’s the guy! He always makes cameo appearances everytime it’s a sam raimi directed movie

Oh ya and I read they will have a cgi Stan Lee cameo in some of the MCU movies, not sure how true or if it’s happening….

But I know he wanted marvel to re do fantastic 4, that was his wish… before he passed away…

Ah yes! I saw that. Thanks bro.

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You gotta watch top gun maverick bro! Movie of the year! Don’t miss the bluray, it’s one of those movies u go, why haven’t I upgraded to Atmos ? Type of movie if u watch it…

I’ll definitely get the 4k disc during Black Friday, u can watch it again and again, lotsa demo worthy scene. Image was a bit grainy in cinemas, but it was shot in 6k