Disney+: Revenant (2023)

I will make this quick. There are a couple of good reasons to watch Revenant on Disney+: it stars Kim Tae-ri of Mr Sunshine and The Handmaiden fame and it’s written by Eun-hee Kim who wrote Signal and Kingdom.

The two genres Kim excels in are detective procedurals and horror. Revenant will mark the first time she combines both genres in a TV series. We are 3 episodes in and we are being gripped in a stranglehold. Think of this like X-Files but with supernatural leanings.

Choo hates shows that present an intriguing mystery but never explains it. She will shout BS when it hits ep3 and still hasn’t bothered to provide answers to pertinent questions. The narrative in Revenant navigates this route brilliantly with a 2 steps forward and 1 step back modus operandi. In every episode the narrative digs holes but it also fills up some of the previous nagging questions.

I mentioned X-Files but Revenant isn’t episodic like the former. So far there are two intriguing cases but there is also a central spine that links everything together. I am loving every minute of this now and I have no idea where it is going and that’s a great thing. It also has oodles of cool ideas I have never seen like a haunted fish bowl. I know it sounds stupid but when it was explained my jaw dropped. I did learn one important life hack - don’t open the door for anyone if you don’t know who it is.

One other thing I like about it is that it can make daytime feel creepy and atmospheric, and that’s not an easy thing to achieve. This is horror for intelligent people.

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Imagine a demon attaches to you and it does your subconscious mind’s bidding without you having to ask. Just think about that for a while… you know like that idiot who cuts your queue at the Taylor Swift concert queue and bought the last pair of tickets, or that grouchy aunty who don’t know how manages to worm her way in front of you or that &$# ass&$#* who cuts into your lane dangerously. Your mind will scream DROP DEAD! Now imagine if it happens. This is one of the ideas here. I know it isn’t fresh but it is near impossible to find original ideas anymore. It is all about packaging and Revenant has this in spades… so far.

We just finished the series. Oh man… I am utterly disappointed with it. It started out promising and the premise is brilliant. But as it wore on the creepiness disappeared and the tension deflated like a balloon. So much nonsense was spewed like all the hullabaloo about the 5 items to destroy the ghost but at last it was something else. I felt like was slapped left and right. Good thing this is just 12 one-hour episodes. Imagine if it’s the usual 16 90-minute episodes. In the end, I just felt like it was trying so hard to be different and soon it had no idea where to go.

Give me the second season of Signal or another season of Kingdom, not this hogwash please.

Just wasted 12 hrs that cannot be recovered. But that’s ok. Just like Marvel secret invasion.