Disney Pixar's Soul

Looking at the trailer, it doesn’t really catch my attention. But after watching it last night. Wow…this just became one of my fave Pixar movies. The story arc is much like Inside Out and Up! I believe this is the first black-protagonist Pixar movie if my memory serves me right. Fortunately, the trailer itself didn’t give much away…If you think this is just another “work towards your dream” kindda of movie, you will be surprised that it has a much “deeper” meaning to the title, “Soul”.

My reflection after watching this film is when you are alive, you pursue your dreams and take every chance you’ve got in order to achieve what you want. Sometimes, blindly pursuing dreams, one tends to overlook the finer things in life. When your life is about to end, you look back into your “soul”, realizing the things you do in life, however mundane or pointless at the time when you are doing it, it actually helped that “someone”. If we have a second chance in life, will we take a pause and ponder a moment in life and ask what kind of a person you are and what you want to be.

Oh BTW I’m pleasantly surprised to hear some really cool Dolby Atmos effects as well.

My rating: 4/5 stars

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Thanks for the review. Seems like a movie with a good morale. I’ll watch it.

Watching this today, kids just finished their studies

Daughter said her friends said it’s good

Both are my all time favourite animation, along with Wall E. This “soul” animation looks really promising. Nice job there Pixar

Honestly, it’s a decent watch! If only they shorten the movie, it would have been a good watch as some parts were draggy. A good notification to all to look what you have and to live it to your fullness!

PQ and SQ pretty good though…so a 3.5 for me!

Just finished the animation, very nice indeed. But lotsa explanation for the kids… what is the great beyond, the great before, what’s personality… etc etc

Overall very enjoyable ! Good moral values too, teaching the kids to be nice and not say nasty stuff…

Fantastic animation, 4.5/5 for me

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Yup. There is a lot of explanation to do for younger audience. But we all know that Pixar animation is so much more than just animation for kids but adult as well. I will be getting the disc when it’s out.

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And the questions keep coming now after the animation, what happens when we die … lol :man_facepalming:

If u r gonna watch this with the kids, be prepared to answer 1001 questions…

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This animation will likely fetch an Oscar award for best animation for 2021

A must watch indeed

Great job Pixar !

Yes…expect some taboo questions. As parents, are you prepare to explain those stuff. That’s a tough one. Damnit Pixar. LoL…

Hehe… I’m too old already… no need to explain… :rofl:

Here are the questions from the little one, 6 year old boy to his mummy after the movie…

  1. Mummy, so everyone that passed away is a Soul right? So, Po Po is a Soul now?
  2. Those little balls, those are before birth, so before I was born, I was little balls like that? So what was my spark?
  3. Mummy, those black lost souls, are they real? How can souls be lost? How can we save them?
  4. After passed away, the souls are going up on the escalator to the white dot. Is that Heaven?

So, Mrs told him those who have done good things, and be a good person will take the stairway/escalator to heaven to be reborn or some may be chosen to be angels.
Those who have sinned or has been a bad person, has to take their punishments in hell.

So after a lot of thought, he came over sobbing asking why everyone has to die some day? And Mrs told him everyone will die sooner or later, it’s not up to us to choose and it’s the circle of life.
Mrs told him he’s too young or small to worry of dying…

He corrected her saying,”I’m not worried about me, it’s you, mummy… I don’t want you to grow old and die and leave me alone…”
and he cried tons…

And we were like …awwwww

Life is short, appreciate everyone and be happy.

This is a very great Soul movie, highly recommended… this for me… is Oscar worthy…

And there you go… lai Liao

![image|500x500](upload://tTC675tL9lwwjN4I7pJTFMrhTwp no.jpeg)

Soul is my favourite for best animation of the year ! Definitely without a shadow of doubt

And there it is !! Soul takes Oscar for best animated movie !!

And best original score

If you haven’t watched this , you gotta watch it. Immediately after watching, I was like… this has gotta take Oscar for 2021, if not I don’t know which animation would beat this

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