Different PJ screen application and options

For those are into sharpness ,clarity , colour accurate and using dedicated room or those have some ambient lights .

The usual projection screen are Motorize Tap tension or Non Tap tension ( those who wants smaller width ) and the Fixed frame type . These are the conventional options ideal when you pre planed the set up .

Now there is another option Motorize floorize , size range from 100 , 110 and 120 with the bottom black portion of 400 mm
Material are the flexible type torque by large roller , V type structure on the back and side tap tension to have a flat surface .
The Opti white ( black back ) Phantom Grey and Titanium Grey is the material options .

These type are ideal for those wants to have HT screen but do not want to disturb the current set up, an additional 2 stands will help to elevate away for the Hi Fi cables .