Dialing in the system at my uncle’s- Dali Subwoofers

Last week I had the opportunity to visit my relatives, due to the relaxed rules (before the KTV cluster)

He is also one of the “them” using the Rythmik ported and KK high pass Low pass :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_facepalming:

Again I have to stress, this is not the way to dial in the system ! It sounds absolutely horrible using this method to integrate the system . At no point in time one should consider this approach when dialing in the system, it’s just inferior in many ways and there is so much flaws with this approach . We really need to “move away” from this mindset of Low pass and high pass

The first thing we did, was to offload the Rythmik ported LVX12 subwoofers, it just couldn’t blend in with the KK12 subwoofers. Same problems were evident everywhere with this approach. We kept the KK12 subs, tons of timing issues and spectrograms were indicating world :earth_africa: map. The Kk is still the king of midbass, no doubt about it. We confirmed it as well measuring the transient response of the subwoofers in comparison with the Dali subs

We went with the corner stacked approach instead of splitting them left right for the balance . ( stacked subs is just so different)

Stack is the the way to go for ultimate tactile response, this is what I advocate for subwoofers placement, multiple subs , stack , stack, stack… it’s the right approach, especially for HT

To our surprise, the bass is phenomenal now. After stacking and pairing the KK12 which was situated at the right hand side , before we started any Audyssey eq, we tested live by night bullet scenes. Immediately we knew the approach was right and bullets were piercing with accuracy with superb decay

By the way, at my uncle’s place, the biggest improvement was observed with vibration control. Not room noise, electrical noise, not cables, not power conditioners, not High end DACs or DACs that measured well at ASR. It was plain simple, vibration controlled had like 40% impact to the entire sound

This convinced my uncle to focus on getting the Gaia for the speakers, and to go with the hifi racks.

This is his room layout below, huge improvement with the Gaia and the hifi rack, well worth it

These Dali’s are one of the best subs for it’s price, seriously the most under rated subwoofer of the century! We tested, svs, rel, JL, somehow my uncle likes JL but price was steep. He loved the line array but again price was steep. So demoed a few and to our surprise, this little Dali fella had so much bass articulation and bass was like sweeping left right up down, very articulated and bass steering was excellent ! Timing was superb and so was transient attack. It still couldn’t beat the KK12, but it’s pretty close

Kk12 is just on another league with the bass hitting head chest levels

And yes, for the umpteenth time, once the bass integration is completed successfully, one would just automatically use subwoofers for music. This is evident again, my uncle being a full range music guy, has now switched to music 2.1 , with the kk12 at right, and the stacked Dali at left, the bass is just on another level. Not that the Dali opticon is incapable of producing bass, with the headroom given to mains speakers, the performance just leaped to another level with Low frequencies duties being passed on to the subs

This were all accomplished without any acoustics in the room, time alignment technique is still the best approach

Ps:// we have completely re eq’ed audyssey to exclude subwoofers eq. Audyssey really spoils the bass and dynamic eq just didn’t sound right again! Confirmed again and again, dynamic eq is not the way… the use of mindisp with manual EQ and integration provided the quality, clean, precise, fast and articulated bass

House curve approached is still favourable. Once I have done it for my uncle, he was so convinced that he is now from full range music guy, to music 2.1 with dual subs flanking and from audyssey dynamic eq to house curve guy… almost all who experienced this approach, no longer looks back….

Will share along the way, how we integrated the system. I now have a decent collection of data from most HdB rooms in Singapore. After sometime, u know certain things work the way it’s meant to

Yes ! And we XO at 100hz! Again there is no way anybody could tell where the subwoofers are located … lol

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Nice work. Not easy to integrate diff subs. What model are the dali subs

The E12 F. If your godpa also using Dali speakers, he can consider this model. Check it out man, very good bass articulation, fast and nice. Doesn’t extend down to 20hz, rolls off at about 28-30hz if I recall correctly….

But very good quality from 35hz up to 100hz when stacked

I’ll pull up and share the details of the measurements before and after etc, very good response and timing as well

Ron has been singing praises on the Dali sub since we audited the SVS together the last time. :grin:

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