Dented tweeter.... how to fix it

Was just having a chat with Gavin this morning… we talked about the dented tweeter that now seems like having a big dimple

Here is what happened to mine, sometime back

What happened was my cleaner was cleaning this, and she didn’t know and accidentally poked it…that’s how it happened…

Devastated, I looked all over the internet for a solution… and I’m glad I found one…

After that I told the cleaner. Don’t go anywhere near my system, even if it’s dusty. I’ll deal with it. So it’s important!! Lesson learnt…: but expensive lesson

How do you solve this ? Anyone ?

I’ll share what I did… when I get home

Use vaccum or duct tape lor.

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I know this is a metal dome, but it may work too…

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Bro u really lao Jiao !! :muscle:t2::muscle:t2: I had to search high and Low for answers

Ok so here is how I solve it , as desray pointed out, I used a vacuum

I got the Mrs to hold the tweeter, the. I used this type of vacuum that has the ability to adjust speed

Slowly turn it up, u don’t want to suck the whole thing out !! Slowly but surely, as u increase put your ears closer and u can hear the sound of it being fixed ( like sort of zuppp kinda sound) then take it out to confirm if it is back in order

And finally ! It was fixed !! :sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Dangerous , always make sure your cleaner handles it with care when cleaning

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Wow this is different method…

I used vacuum, Heng it worked !! And luckily my vacuum cleaner has that option for suction power in Low incremental levels

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