Denon 7200 & Thiel CS 2.4

Bros, recently dont know why two pieces of my HT items are giving out issues after serving me well for years.

I have a pair of Thiel CS 2.4 for years and recently one of the tweeter gone completely no sound, I use align key to unscrew and checked the cable connection still intact. The woofer still sounded ok.

Where should I send it to repair? Do any of you know can the tweeter be replaced? It is such a wonderful speaker, if it cannot be repaired then it is quite sad…

I had Denon AVR 7200 for years, recently the HDMI output give up on me. It started off with the main output, then the second output die also, after that even zone 2 output was also spoilt. The HDMI input has no issue, when the UHD loaded, I can still hear the sound going into AVR, just that I can see no image from my BenQ project.

Seeking your opinion here, is it still worthwhile to repair this receiver? It has served me well for years, the sound has been fantastic (to me).

Anyone has similar experiences before and know the cost of repairing this?

Not sure about your Thiel speaker repair but for the Denon AVR, I would suggest you get a new one. It is not worth repairing. If not a new one, at least hunt for a more recent model in the Carousell.