Dedicated disc player deals that hard to miss

…this list only for those using the players for 4K region free discs or those with a big collection of region B blu-rays.

only from Grooves-Inc Germany.

for the moment, if u’re shopping for multi-region hacked players, TPS-UK is the only place u can go.

it’s still a big distance away of getting great deals from UK…

…which we had from last year.

the bottom 5 budget 4K players which German E-tailer can offer…|Panasonic|Sony/sort/3d

in comparison to GBP, import from Europe is relatively more money saving. but…

…imported sets from Europe would likely to be stuck/locked @ B/2 in BD/DVD region locking, when compared to what TPSUK can offer.

Physical media like bluray and 4K UHD discs will soon be gone…it becomes harder to justify the purchase of a vanilla-based 4K UHD bluray player that only plays bluray and 4K discs these days. Magnetar and Oppo at least still retain some value because of its dual functions as media player and playback of some lossless audio codecs like DFF.

found one european e-tailer branch that sell and ships region B/2 locked Panasonic UB824(820 in UK) in a price with Euro-VAT removed and Ships to SG.

…the price is attractive, but take note that shipping charges still applies, as well as local GST charged upon arrival.
this is a great saving if u’re buying as a standalone player.(although there’s a way to break the region blockage barrier on Blu-Rays as shared in some YT clips)

i can only find multi-region SONY players only from UK e-tailer ThePerfectSignal, that ships their merchandise globally…
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…with shipping charges applicable and UK VAT not removed for export.
hence, be it mark1 or mark2 X800, with shipping charges applied which cost about GBP50, buying from the UK e-tailer will cost u roughly SGD$750 to bring in, and still subjected to tax.

while over in UK, the price of the SONY drops by GBP20 and Panasonic UHD players doesn’t seems to move much…

…prices over the European side seems to have moved UP!