Dedicated AC Line for HT use and a HELLO

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So I just caught up on the local Hi-Fi and AV scene (I disappeared after Covid 2020), SO SHOCKED AND SAD that Xtremeplace is no more!!! Did some reading up on Hardware forums and found out that many from Xtremeplace are here now, so created an account here. :wink:

So I am planning to do a dedicated AC power line for all my HT gears, i have a few question:

  1. Is there any point in doing a dedicated AC line from the main DB box straight to HT gear power wall outlets? Will it be still dirty cause it’s in contact with the rest of the MCBs and lines in the house on the same bus bar and what not?

  2. Am i better off having a separate Consumer Unit (small) for the dedicated HT AC line and using “audiograde” MCBs and wires from there to the HT power sockets?

  3. What type of cable to use? As in any specific brand or thickness or type?

  4. Also, is 20A MCB the bare minimum for a HT that has say 7.2.4 set-up - 2 300W RMS 10 inch subwoofers, real world amplification power on the 11 speakers will be at best 100W when all channel driven, add in a 85inch FALD LED tv (maybe a future Lazer projector too if price keeps going down), and a Pana 4K BluRay player, and Apple TV 4K. I ask this because there is a very good audiophile grade 16A circuit breaker that I found, wondering if 16A is too tight for all the HT gears with little to no headroom. Obviously I can do two 16A circuit breaker and split, but just wondering if can do it on a single 16A circuit without any issues.

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In my experience, there is still benefit in running several large AWG dedicated breaker lines for the HT room.

Even though all back to the same mains source, having additional copper wire runs between noisy sources like Fridge and AC, helps to attenuate the noise.

For the dedicated HT lines, worth running a couple separate 15A breakers. Can think of them as groups. Video /TV I group breaker. Processor, players and source 1 breaker. Power amps 1 breaker. Subwoofers 1 breaker.

Each of these 15A breaker can split to 4x 13A sockets iirc.

I didn’t use any specific wires. Just asked electrician to use 1 size larger AWG than normal for the runs.

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