Danger of owning a Samsung phone

At least 4 in 10 phone users are using Samsung and all thanks to their innovation in the software realm as well as the quality materials used in their phones. I still believe Samsung make the best Android phone experience in the market besides Google Pixel series. But that’s where the fairytale ends, it seems that the battery exploding issue since The Note 7 still lingers till this date. Be careful if you have an old Samsung phone lying around for more than 2 yrs and if you intend to use it as a spare phone because your main phone is under repair, make sure to do a physical inspection to see if there is any bulge at the back of your phone before you charge! It may just explode.

Treat this as a PSA for everyone. Be careful. Meantime, I’m gonna treat every Samsung phone purchase as a 1 yr phone, after which sell in the secondary market.