Cyrus Cine Projection Screen

Hi Home Theatre fans , from the current new screen material Titanium Grey and Acoustic Transparent we have add on to motorize screen system range of products .

Titanium Grey are for user with brighter projector application , it provides a better contrast and richer colour images which a conventional white screen material will not give you that picture depth .

Acoustic Transparent screen surface are giving more option of in terms the audio placement and overall hidden clean look finish .
The screen material is white base its for those who are purist and have nice dedicated rooms or well light control environment.

Keen to view to drop me a text of WA me . :slightly_smiling_face:

Other option or application for AT screen on motorize .

Hi, there!

Is it a ALR screen material?
And i recently bought a Vividstorm screen 120 inch ALR screen with ALR screen material.
It looks like the same as your first picture.

There is variations of ALR screens , to match the type of projector use .

The P.E.T material hard plastic feel comes with lenticular surfaces for re directing lights . Meaning it will not be smooth and less sharp compare to convetional front projection screen . This are use mainly with UST projectors.

For those who are more particular on the image sharpness they will use the traditional Poly vinly soft streatchable material , which the surface is smooth . Those using standard throw 4k / UHD projector ( Glass lens ) will be able to tell .

The tone and shade of material be it P.E.T or Poly vinly will helps on the colour richness and depth ( Calibration or Colour Settings required ) .

Basically voice down to the type of set up you are planning or going for and the quality and expectation will varies.

Hope it is helpful .

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