Crowsons, bass shakers , hover boss all types of shake

the MultEQ app does it, you can use the filter Frequency range option to set this and the curve editor function for the slope… but it allows it for 20hz only… unlike the minidisp 2x4 which can do down to 10hz…

So some of the folks are using it at 10hz…

I think v limited. From my past usage on the audyssey app to deploy subs hc, it only allow tweaking down to 20hz only. Sinilar to what @ronildoq shared.

You guys are right. I looked at my HC in the Audyssey app and the graph seems to end at 20Hz. However, @desray Audyssey Guide says that Audyssey flattens the curve down to 10Hz, so the fact that I have such a high boost at 20Hz, should mean that there is some effect below 20Hz.

The other issue I see is that the bass shaker doesn’t actually produce sound. It just transfers the vibrations to the frame of the chair. So such vibrations aren’t actually being picked up by the mic, unlike the subsonic frequencies produced by the subwoofer. So it will be trial and error. How do you guys actually do it with the minidsp?

Another option is the Audyssey MultiEQ-X desktop software. That allows you to adjust the Audyssey curve down to 10Hz :point_down:

MulitEQ-X is a neater solution than the minidsp, but since it costs money, might be better to buy some hardware and then the solution is portable to say Dirac. Although its unclear to me how Dirac in a Denon amp would interact with Dirac in the minidsp and how Dirac Bass Management and Direct ART would integrate with two Dirac devices run together…

hi i realize there’s a community for bass shakers in SG. anyone know where to buy in SG? planning to put on my sim racing rig

U can order from parts express online. Or from carousell.

If your sim rig is aluminium profile rig, may need to mount as close to your seat as possible.

I see there are sellers in carousell. Just search for bass shaker or buttkicker.

thanks for all your response! i managed to get hold of a pair and mounted it on my rig! will be working on mounting as close to my seat tonight and also trying to isolate the seat from the aluminium profile rig by adding rubber bushings